Worlds Of Wonder Noida

Worlds of Wonders:
Worlds of Wonder inwards Noida is the largest entertainment commons inwards Delhi NCR. It is also only known every bit WOW. This entertainment Park is located inwards Sector 38A Noida, precisely behind The Great Indian Place. If you lot accept a underground you lot tin flame larn downward at Noida Sector eighteen Metro station. From hither the Park is precisely few minutes walk. The size of the Park is large plenty to engage you lot 1 whole day. This is precisely the correct house to convey your kids together with laissez passer them a memorable outing.
When I accomplish WOW, the house was already swarming amongst schoolhouse kids inwards red, bluish together with grayish sweaters. It occurred to me that the house could hold upward 1 large schoolhouse compound. Here schoolhouse kids larn liberated from the confines of schools together with rules. The most noticeable game was of course of didactics the tall gratuitous autumn also called every bit Download. I stood in that location for some fourth dimension trying to figure out if this house was solely for kids. Then every bit people began boarding into the Download seats I saw 2 grown up, all covered inwards beard sinking downward to their seats amongst large smiles. Interestingly they also screamed louder than most kids when the seats gratuitous autumn from keen height. The experience of gratuitous autumn is you lot larn to defy gravity for a while. In that milliseconds in the air you lot experience together with then lite together with carefree.
WOW Main Entrance is precisely behind The Great Indian Place

Readying for the Download
When I saw the Mega Disco the starting fourth dimension affair that comes to my heed is the UFO flight saucer. It spins clockwise-anticlockwise together with swings from 1 cease to the other. All you lot tin flame produce is scream together with scream.
If you lot guide maintain e'er dreamed of driving together with smashing into a auto or a wall! Then this is it. Children lines upward for a carefree ride- the Chart Smashers (or is it the Car Smashers).
Waiting for a plough to ride on Fast Forward- a airheaded machine that spins to a greater extent than or less an axis.
Shanghai Swingers are colorful together with stylish. It is to a greater extent than or less similar riding on a swing.  The 65 kg boundary tin flame hold upward a chip of a dampener because most people inwards this province weight to a greater extent than than that. So bingo to the kids!
Dizzy Diana together with Jumper (Below) are less thrilling together with mainly for kids. 
Loco Motion the mini driving machine tin flame hold upward keen fun for kids who are to a greater extent than into video games rather than outdoor activities.
Mini Train
Hippi Hopp- the sentiment of riding on a beautifully adorned Equus caballus was a thrilling fantasy.  The ride is gentle together with irksome plenty to arrive possible fifty-fifty for smaller kids.
Big Beat is for the more adventurous.
Swan Boat is 1 game enjoyed past times immature together with old. It is the solely sport that seems practical for the old.  Though the pond could produce amend amongst to a greater extent than space, it tin flame hold upward a decent ride, fifty-fifty on hot day.
There are dining places everywhere. Don't await for a large fast nutrient pavilion or a huge nutrient court. If you lot desire KFCs together with McDs, The Great Indian Place Mall is precisely adjacent door. Here you'll larn snacks, drinks together with lots of pop corns. Look out for a souvenir or a gift store pop amongst kids. 
Entry fee: Rs 100 for a ride
together with Rs 450 for unlimited ride.

Location: Noida Sector 38A
Nearest Metro Station: Walking distance from Noida Sector 18, Metro Station.

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