Indiatravel; A Unlike Journeying To Shimoga

Last weekend I had an chance to instruct to Shimoga inward my friend's car. Shimoga is a modest trivial town situated at the amount of Karnataka. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few days dorsum my friend came to know almost a sure as shooting Ayurvedic doc nigh to Shimoga who treats cancer patients. The doc or Vaidya Narayana Murthy equally he is popularly known resides inward a modest hamlet called Narasipura nigh to Shimoga.

I am non aware of ayurvedic methods of handling or its success rates compared to allopathic treatment. But it seems that this is a ray of promise for those who lead maintain no promise otherwise. My friend has a relative diagnosed alongside cancer as well as and then he wanted to brand a visit.

We came to know that the doc provides complimentary consultation as well as medication on 2 days of the calendar week Tursdays as well as Sundays. We went in that location on Sunday. The get-go stage of our journeying was shine from Bangalore to Shimoga via Tumkur. The roads are splendid till Tumkur as well as after that its pretty decent if non great.

At Shimoga nosotros checked into a modest gild called Hotel Thirumala which had onetime dilapidated rooms at real inexpensive rates ( Double Bedroom at Rs 350) . The residuum of the twenty-four hours inward Shimoga was spent simply walking or as well as then the marketplace pose , the Laughter Club, some Sasta Bazaar ( everything at Rs 35 or Rs 40) .

Next twenty-four hours early on morning time nosotros started off at five AM. The distance from Shimoga to Narasipura is l kms on National Highway no 206 towards Jog Falls. This route is also popularly called the Sagar road. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 modest hamlet volition come upwards on the agency called Anandapuram. The solely identification of Anandapuram is that in that location is a petrol heart as well as a large T junction. We took at correct plough at this T junction as well as left NH206 simply before the Petrol Pump. Narasipura hamlet is an obscure hamlet or as well as then half-dozen kms on that road. After squall for for directions nosotros finally reached the doctors employment solid or as well as then 6:30 AM.

There was already a pretty large queue alongside 100 addition people crowding exterior the gates. There was a modest store simply exterior his employment solid where i tin lead maintain a quick snack or breakfast.

We came to know that the doc volition start seeing the cases from 8 AM. My friend remained inward the queue as well as I wandered off to instruct a glimpse of the village. I returned after a span of hours yesteryear which the queue had entered the original chemical compound of the house.

I came to know that the doc has helpers or associates who may banking enterprise check the example history. My friend stood inward the queue for some other lx minutes as well as he finally met someone who asked him the exercise of his visit. Then he provided some medicines as well as a span of printed leaflets that contained details of how to lead maintain the medicines. The medicines were non fancy , simply herbs as well as natural materials as well as everything was for free, no charges or anything for the i calendar month medication. The patient demand non hold out there, anyone tin stand upwards for the patient. The example histories may hold out required but it wasn't required inward my friend's case. The procedure was shine as well as quick as well as nosotros were done yesteryear 10 Am.

There were helpful people who translated the prescription details of the leaflet which was inward Kannada to English, which tin anyways hold out done later also.

The render journeying to Bangalore was equally uneventful equally the onward journey. Except that nosotros noticed a few accidents on the route due to rash driving.

Finally hither are a few links that helped us

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 real dainty Video

No appointment , nil is required. One tin simply walk in. The hamlet is pretty isolated as well as the mobile phones did non function inward the village. It worked solely when nosotros reached NH 206.

All that is remaining is right away to hold off as well as lookout adult man whether the medicine works. There are people who lead maintain got skillful results equally I came to know yesteryear give-and-take of rima oris for unlike kinds of diseases including cancer. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few of the cases are in that location on weblog comments also inward the links above. Belief is the solely matter that remains.

There is likely non a unmarried individual who doesn't lead maintain a nigh or dearest i equally a victim of cancer. Perhaps it is fourth dimension nosotros hold off beyond the modern medicine inward search of our roots of traditional ayurvedic medicines. It perhaps our lifestyle , our environs that nosotros lead maintain corrupted as well as then much that nosotros may lead maintain to autumn dorsum upon it to relieve ourselves.

September 2011 Update
I idea it is right away fourth dimension that I should post some update.
I asked my friend how his relative is doing as well as it seems that his relative is right away better. These are the next details
- My friend said his relative continues alongside all forms of medication [ normal handling addition this ayurvedic treatment]
- Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 strict diet is followed simply equally mentioned yesteryear the ayurvedic doctor

The relief obtained is
- mightiness to Pb a normal life alongside some drive [ before the province of affairs was besides bad, almost bedridden condition]
- hurting or symptoms lead maintain subsided quite a bit

However the caveat is that all treatments are existence done simultaneously as well as it cannot hold out said which i is benefiting.

Language Problem
Language is a employment indeed if yous produce non know Kannada. There is range of real trivial dialogue.
However the people acquaint inward that share are extremely helpful as well as volunteer equally interpreters.

January 2012 UpdateThe latest update is that the patient is fine. But the medication had to hold out discontinued inward the in conclusion span of weeks due to some tummy problems. So far in that location is no effect(good or bad) of stopping the ayurvedic medication. 

May 2012 Update
The patient passed away a few days back. Since it would hold out besides personal to unwrap whatever farther details I am non posting whatever to a greater extent than details on the blog. In example yous demand some data delight drib your enquiry alongside your electronic mail id , as well as then that I tin instruct the answer.


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