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Admired past times all, visited past times many- The amazing Taj Mahal
I was inwards Mathura for Holi celebration few days ago. It was hence unopen to Agra that I thought of dropping past times at an impulse but I didn’t. The chance came again, before than I thought. I made equally real piffling plans equally I could (or no plans) trying to move similar Andrew Evans from the National Geographic Digital Nomad. So I decided to accept the route at the foremost light. I didn’t majority whatsoever tickets. I went to Sarai Kale Khan ISBT too sat on a rider vehicle to Agra. With my headphones plucked inwards I was equally laid upwards equally whatsoever avid adventurer. There’s a whole lot of divergence betwixt beingness a tourist too a traveler. I chose to last the latter. The entirely affair I readied myself for this journeying was to last hungry plenty to instruct a sense of savor of existent India. 

I’m commencement to similar the roadside Dhabas too the corking plains of Republic of Republic of India which had looked hence monotonous to me at first. Back then, all I saw was endless plains plodded amongst huts too buildings inwards between. Now the endless plains looked much to a greater extent than vibrant. I’ve establish a novel oculus too a novel feel of observing too non coming to whatsoever decision or judgment. I simply permit myself last costless on the route too to the realms of plains my eyes tin flaming see. 

Agra is the most visited urban meat inwards India. People traveled from the ends of the Blue Planet to run into Taj Mahal, in 1 lawsuit inwards their lifetime. It’s possible to brand a furnish trip to Agra from Delhi but you’ll missy out on lots of things. On my furnish I sat adjacent to a guy from Hongkong. The entirely house he visited was Taj Mahal. He was ill informed but he could receive got done some research. When I showed him photos of places I had visited I could run into regret inwards his eyes. It’s best to remain a nighttime too brand the most of your watch past times roofing all the places yous wished to visit.

DAY 1-
A regime owned air-conditioning rider vehicle cost entirely RS.343 too is equally practiced equally whatsoever bus. I beloved long rides because it gives yous plenty fourth dimension to move inward to yourself equally well. 
A journeying good begun, amongst the foremost lite of dawn. It's fun to sentinel the Sun gaining strength too the scene changing around it.
The landmark is no doubt repetitive: Dhabas-fields-houses-dhabas-fields... If yous instruct bored yous tin flaming browse your phone. It's fun to rails your journeying on a GPRS-Google map. The thought of getting lost (without external forces) seems quite impossible these days. Around 10 am nosotros stopped at a Dhaba too had Parantha too tea for breakfast.
This is the first recognizable face of Agra too the resting house of the corking Mughal King Akbar. For a corking king, the house is equally good shy; hidden from the streets past times trees. Situated 10km from Agra City, this house is on the left side of the route from Delhi side. I took out a photographic television receiver camera too took a shot equally fast equally I could. It would last hard to accept out some other hateful solar daytime for a separate trip. So brand the most of it.
We reached Agra around 12pm noon. Owing to corking no. of tourist, the city's traffic is non equally good smooth. It's the same amongst Hotels. One affair yous should make inwards advance is majority your Hotel. The urban meat has some of the busiest Hotels inwards the World. I checked into Crystal Inn which inwards fact is non far from Taj Mahal or the house where where Taj Mahotsav festival is held. Then after wash up and some snacks too tea at the hotel room I took an machine to the Taj Mahal. 
Taj Mahal is almost 1 km away from the outer gate but at that topographic point are lots of carry facilities for this. The thought of riding on camel or Tonga is to a greater extent than adventurous than riding rickshaws too taxis. Thousands of people depend on Taj Mahal for their livelihood. The manufacture amazed me!
The tormenting oestrus is already hither inwards Agra. Summer sets before inwards Agra than Delhi. This summertime hats are a practiced alternative to block the sun. Don't worry equally good much virtually the price. If they nation Rs.200, it agency Rs.50.
Taj Mahal is such a widely reproduced monument inwards terms of Photographs, sculptures too paintings. So the photography play a joke on is to explore novel angles non equally good common. Taj Mahal is the highest earning heritage monument inwards India. 
I was a bit disappointed with the sentiment I got from the other side of Yamuna river. I wanted to instruct reflection of Taj Mahal inwards the river but the river was dried out. The heaven was hazy too non clear equally I wanted it to be. With no Luna this was the best I could get.
I wanted to instruct  a shot of Agra Fort past times nighttime hence I stopped hither before heading for the Taj Mahotsav festival.
The Taj Mahotsav festival is a 10 days long festival held each twelvemonth organized past times UP Tourism. It is a platform where 1 tin flaming showcase India's rich arts, crafts, cultures, cuisine too trip the lite fantastic too music. The festival is colorful too jovial. There is an entry ticket of Rs.30 for Indians but the entry is costless for foreigners. 
I began the hateful solar daytime at Agra Fort. Seen hither is a bird's oculus sentiment of Taj Mahal from the terrace of Agra Fort through the haze of dust.
Grand interior of Muthamman Burj Inside Agra Fort, where Shah Jahan was kept House arrest for his terminal 8 years past times his ain boy Aurangzeb. It was built past times Shah Jahan for his married adult woman Mumtaj. It has a beautiful courtyard facing the Taj Mahal. After his decease Shah Jahan's torso was taken inwards a boat too buried at Taj Mahal along amongst his wife.
Tomb of Etimad-Ud-Doulah at Agra is also known equally Baby Taj because of its resemblance to Taj Mahal. Like Taj Mahal it also has  two other monuments built inwards scarlet sand rock on each side too is situated on the banks of Yamuna river. The paintings on the wall and ceilings are remarkable too exhibit greatest artistry. Some of the paintings within inner tomb nevertheless receive got the master copy gilded plating. 
My terminal halt was the Mehtab Bagh which is simply contrary to the Taj Mahal on the other side of Yamuna river. Its width is identical to that of the residual of the Taj but the remaining construction of the commons is quite ruinous beset past times many floods. Legend has it that Shah Jahan planned to create a dark Taj for himself here. But many historians too critics dismissed this equally nil to a greater extent than than myths. 
It was already 3pm past times the fourth dimension I got dorsum from Mehtab Bagh. It much cheaper if yous jump into some rider vehicle on your own. But if yous don't receive got equally good much alternative too yous are inwards a hurry you've got to pay at to the lowest degree Rs. 400 to booking agencies for a ticket. The ride abode was pleasant. It got cooler equally nosotros neared Delhi. And past times 9:30 pm I was dorsum inwards Delhi a lot richer inwards memories too knowledge. To nation the to the lowest degree Taj Mahal inspires you.

Agra has real few days of pleasant conditions left. Make the most of it before summer's spoils the show.
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