Indiatravel; Heritage Sites - Badami Together With Pattadakal

Have been likewise busy to write most this trip. Here is a curt recollection.

 Friday - Bangalore to Chitradurga ( 224 kms) , Stay at Hotel
 Saturday - Chitradurga to Badami ( 220 kms)
                  Site seeing inwards Badami as well as Banashankari
 Sunday  - Badami to Mahakuta as well as and then Pattadakal. We ran out of fourth dimension , otherwise Aihole comes correct later Pattadakal.

Route as well as Conditions
 Bangalore to Tumkur - fantabulous Toll road
 Tumkur to Chitradurga ( iv lane) - fantabulous route ( spotter for diversions for flyover/underpass construction)
 Chitradurga to Hospet ( non correct upto Hospet but Tungabhadra Dam) - 2 Lane but fantabulous condition

About v kms close Hospet is a mess. Bad roads as well as that leads to heavy traffic.
Hospet to Kustagi ( iv lane) - Beauty of a road, practiced cars tin sack brand 150+ on this stretch , but considering erratic driving atmospheric condition similar ii wheelers riding on incorrect side, sometimes fifty-fifty bigger vehicles or a hump or ii of a abrupt created yesteryear simply about one. Hence movement safe.

Kustagi to Badami - Village roads , practiced condition, but necessitate GPS or simply about capability to utter inwards local linguistic communication to instruct directions.

Again on entering Badami , in that location is a bypass which must last taken to avoid simply about unusual status close the Banashankari temple.

Plenty of hotels inwards Chitradurga as well as Badami. We did non mass anything ahead but got rooms. Everyone may non last hence lucky hence mass ahead. I stimulate got constitute to last good.
Chitradurga - Hotel Aishwarya Fort ( Charged Rs 800 for a double bed non-AC room as well as Rs 100 for an extra bed as well as somehow later revenue enhancement that arrived to Rs 936)
Rooms were cook clean , bath was okay as well as soaps/towels were provided. Perfect for a night's stay. Hotel is inwards a dainty condom expanse as well as hotel staff pretty prompt. Doesn't stimulate got the premium feeling within the rooms every bit it has from exterior the gate. Hence the rates are okay , could stimulate got been a chip cheaper too.
Hotel has a bar eating theatre amongst a garden which seemed to last busy at night. Everyone nosotros spoke to inwards Chitradurga recommended this hotel.
Parking available for travelers amongst cars.

Badami - KSTDC Hotel (Charged Rs 1500 for a iii bed non-AC room. Seemed similar double bed room amongst an extra bed also arrives at the same amount)
Rooms were really cook clean , bath was also perfect but alone towels ,no soaps. Good for long fourth dimension rest also every bit the hotel complex is dainty as well as has gardens. Food is available inwards a bar eating theatre but multifariousness is less. Service is a chip sluggish but okay. Tea / Water bottle charges are slightly higher than ane would await inwards Badami.
Highly recommended for a practiced rest as well as parking available for travelers amongst cars.

Places to See
Chitradurga - Chitradurga Fort
Badami       - Badami Cave Temples ( Parking available, entry fee applicable) , Agastya Lake (Shares same complex amongst the cave temples)  and Museum
                   - Banashankari Temple as well as associated Lake as well as Market complex ruins
Mahakuta    - Mahakuta Temple
Pattadakal   - Unesco World Heritage site Pattadakal Group of Temples
Aihole         - Durga Temple                  

Beautiful Windmills on the route , valleys amongst blooming sunflowers , dainty people , due north karnataka way meals

Two of the things I must say most the tourism places of Bharat that I dislike

- Different entry fees for foreigners ( It is a racist policy as well as must last done away with)
- Charges for cameras/ video-cameras ( I produce non sympathise , almost every other mobile has a capability to stimulate got a photograph as well as a video. How much does it help to accuse video graphy /photography)
- Parking charges ( where its clearly mentioned at 'Owners Risk'. Okay if its a agency for the locals to brand simply about quick money)

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 uniform tourism guide as well as policy volition help a lot.


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