Indiatravel; Manchanabele Dam To Savanadurga

Manchanabele Dam is located exactly l km from Bangalore South together with almost nine km from Mysore Road. One fine wintertime afternoon nosotros decided to brand this brusk trip on my friend's Scorpio.
After a hefty tiffin , nosotros sped off towards Mysore Road. There is a narrow route that goes inwards from Mysore Road together with it gets narrower equally it goes inside. Its together with then narrow that ane 4 wheeler has to brand means for some other on this stretch.
 The starting fourth dimension sentiment of the Manchanabele Dam is a big magnificent reservoir. This reservoir is also ane of the major H2O supplies of Bangalore together with Magadi. However the entry to the dam was prohibited together with a police describe soul said at that topographic point is no provision to teach inside.

So nosotros were a flake disappointed together with decided to teach to Savanadurga. The route from Manchanabele to Savanadurga passes through a forested expanse together with its actually non bad drive. It seemed similar at that topographic point are a lot of expert spots of aeroplane watching or together with then this place.

 I was exactly lucky to grab this beauty close a H2O hole.
View of Savanadurga from the route linking Manchanabele Dam to Magadi-Ramnagar road.

 A beautiful sentiment en route to Savanadurga.

 Savanadurga, a beautiful view.

Another pocket-size aeroplane perched on the long grasses

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 pocket-size broken temple complex on the means to Savanadurga.

Fig trees.

The big volume of Savanadurga. It seemed a lot of people brand means to the top. It was pretty steep together with I gave upward shortly equally it appeared to hold upward pretty unsafe to me. It was getting slowly together with the
 sunset sentiment from this house is great.

We went into the Savanadurga temple , a dainty complex exactly beside the mount together with the original motorbus stand.
The provide journeying was uneventful. We took the Magadi-Ramnagar original route together with joined Mysore Bangalore Highway at Ramnagar.
Have to provide to the dam together with to Savanadurga together with pass some fourth dimension hither adjacent time.


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