Auto Expo 2012 Perks Upwards Delhi's Grayness Winter

The 11th Auto Expo inwards New Delhi promises together with then much alongside overwhelming participation from 23 countries. And it has definitely lived upwardly to all the hype. This year's Auto Expo saw the participation of some large companies similar the off Road vehicle maker Polaris, BMW Motorrad, Great Britain based wheel makers Triumph, Peugeot Citreon etc for the kickoff time. As many equally 55 novel Cars were launched at the Expo. The entirely letdown has been the raucous crowd together with the inability of the management to bring everything under control. At times, pop shows accept to live on unopen downward to avoid stampede like situation. With the authorities already considering possible shift inwards the venue side yesteryear side year, this mightiness live on the terminal fourth dimension Delhites volition function to bask the show. From the demo nosotros convey to you lot some of the best parts of the Auto Expo 2012. Enjoy the Photo feature!
The kickoff automobile from Bajaj, the RE lx is i of the most eagerly awaited automobile of the year. It promises to live on the cheapest automobile inwards the basis beating Tata Nano, but it is all the same yet to live on seen. This automobile was i of the primary attraction inwards the Auto Expo, equally it is made available to populace sentiment for the kickoff time. 
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is some other vehicle keenly observed yesteryear everyone. It resembles the Ritz inwards price of style.  The Ertiga volition live on India's kickoff three-row MPV together with volition live on powered yesteryear the K-14 VVT attain of engines which also made its debut at the Expo. It volition live on available inwards both petrol together with diesel fuel variants.   
 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 is hunky together with has a big attitude. Many guys were for sure captivated yesteryear this beauty. 
Nissan LEAF is a 100 per centum electrical run together with zilch emission car. LEAF stands for Leading, Environmentally Friendly , Affordable, Family Car. This automobile is the future. 
The Hyundai New Sonata which was launched at the Auto Expo. 
This wheel from Polaris looks to a greater extent than similar a mini car. It is i of the bulkiest 2 wheeler I've ever seen. Soon to launch side yesteryear side year, this volition live on the kickoff of its sort inwards India. 
Renault Formula 1 race Car is a beauty. How many fourth dimension exercise nosotros function to run into such cars? 
The BMW's attracts likewise many crowd together with it was a great disappointment to to live on able to see the cars upwardly close. If management was bad, the crowd was fifty-fifty worse. Security was tightened  due to the fearfulness of Stampede like situation. It was difficult to believe that nosotros were watching the demo for Rs, 500 together with non merely pushing for gratis entries. 
This i from Volkswagen possesses a killer look. Apart from the pop Beetle, this XL1 is i of the best Volkswagen Car to live on showcased here. 
Apart from roping inwards Bollywood Stars,  models to some extend made the most of it. But these beautiful damsels ever manages to describe crowd around them. 
A Harley Davidson model Street Bob. Though It is all the same a budding marketplace alongside merely i showroom inwards Delhi (Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj), it mightiness plow around inwards merely few years alongside the growing Indian economy. 
Made for the eyes, this Mercedes Benz AMG is a perfect blend of trend and elegance. 
Crowd assemble exterior the BMW Pavilion. Delhi is equally crazy nigh Vehicles equally it is nigh cricket. All the pushing together with jostling tin sack live on a fleck of a dampener to the otherwise breathtaking showcase of some of the best vehicles inwards the world. My greatest disappointment was missing out on the Ferrari together with Chevrolet Pavilions because it was unopen downward due to safety concerns together with over excited crowd. Poor crowd management has been the highlight of this years Auto Expo. Better management together with crowd control will exercise rattling good for the event.

Where: Pragati Maidan
Where to function ticket: Pragati Maidan Metro Station
Entry Ticket: RS. 500 for premium together with Rs200 for full general tickets. By buying the Premium tickets i tin sack examine the engine without likewise much rush. Ordinary ticket are made available at Rs.200 entirely afterward 1pm.
Last Day: 11 January 2012


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