Floating Inwards Solitude: Exploring Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple has both vogue too substance. It is a grand exhibition too a meeting of both modern architecture too technology for a humble role of worship and meditation. Built past times the followers of Bahai religion, the house is opened upwards to people from all walks of life.
Lotus Temple is surrounded past times small-scale H2O bodies. It is designed inwards such a means  for the temple to seem similar 'Lotus floating on serene water'. Such sight tin hold upwards alone relished fully from air. 
At nighttime Lotus Temple is aptly lit upwards to hand the correct elements of pattern similar form, shape , musical note too color.  Musing past times the  pool, on the steps are mutual sighting too 1 tin easily operate lost for words to pull the beauty 1 sees.
The interior of the Temple is surprisingly real apparently alongside no pillars or whatever decorative items.  I'm told, it is to operate along away distraction, leaving your hear to graze ideally inwards the open.

Lotus temple is only a few minutes walk  from the Kalkaji Metro station. 

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