A Refreshing Walk At National Zoological Park, Delhi

National Zoological Park, Delhi fondly called Delhi Zoo  is a greenery roofing an expanse of 176 acre. This huge dark-green piece inward the middle of the metropolis is a delightful freshener as well as a process of nature. This house is habitation to unopen to 1350 animals of about 130 species. If you lot attention for a salubrious walk, you lot tin rank notice amble the whole zoo inside 2-3 hours. If you lot know what it agency to arrive at got a refreshing afternoon tea afterward a difficult day's work, you lot mightiness attention for a take in to this house on Weekends. Everybody needs the healing deportment on of nature old inward life. It is a skillful house for families amongst kids.
Painted Stork safely landing on its nest
Painted Stork sitting on a nest
The Black buck- everyone must arrive at got known past times now
A fawn playfully biting on a leaf
Apple fourth dimension for an Army Macaw 
Blue-yellow Macaw sitting for the camera
This Lion Picture was taken merely earlier he disappeared for an afternoon nap afterward a thunderous roar.  Visitors were left disappointed.
Visitors at the birds department of the Zoo
The Zoo is flanked on 1 side by Purana Qila . This is a persuasion of Purana Qila from the Zoo.
The Zoo is closed on Fridays as well as every National Holidays. 
The Nearest subway scheme station is pragati Maidan. One tin rank notice arrive at got an auto or a omnibus from there.

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