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India is called the 'land of contrast' because of its various culture, people, geography, climate etc. Bharat is surrounded past times the Standard Arabic body of body of water on the West, Indian Ocean inwards the South in addition to Bay of Bengal on the East. The Great Himalayan Mountains run along the length of the North Bharat in addition to is responsible for many climatic cycles which inwards plough comport upon the biodiversity of the country. Apart from the mightiest mount make in addition to coastline of 7517 km, the groovy plains of North Bharat in addition to the southward peninsula forms the landmark of the country. This multifariousness inwards the physical features of the province is the footing for the rich biodiversity in addition to the wild animals it supports.

India belongs to 1 of the richest biodiversity expanse inwards the world. It is 1 of the 12 mega multifariousness areas inwards the reason inwards damage of wildlife. Bharat along alongside 17 other mega various countries summoned to roughly 60-70% of the world's biodiversity. Bharat along alongside the Himalayas is habitation to 7.6% of mammalian inwards the world, 12.6% of Avian, 6.2% of reptiles in addition to 6.0% of industrial plant life species.

India is a consummate packet of everything in addition to enjoys almost all the climatic types from the Thar Desert to alpine- glacier inwards the Himalayas. There are 89 National Parks in addition to 489 wild life Sanctuaries dispersed through out this topography. From the Gir wood which is habitation to the Asian Lion to the Kaziranga which is habitation to the 1 horn Rhino, the province is remarkably incredible inwards damage of wildlife.

India has the largest deer population inwards the reason in addition to Bharat has indigenous antelopes similar Chausingha (four horned rhino), Nilgai (Blue Bull), Black buck (Indian antelope), Musk deer in addition to many other antelopes, that are endemic of India.

India is habitation to 1250 species of bird, 2000 species of butterfly in addition to 700species of fish.

There are many wild animals destinations to explore inwards Bharat for Nature enthusiast. The best way to explore the wild is through a safari. Many Resorts close National Parks in addition to wood own got non but the lodging in addition to dining facility but they also furnish Safaris of various kinds for the tourist. Riding on Safaris growth the security level, particularly when y'all desire to spot large animals similar tiger, lions, wild hogs in addition to Rhinos. It is also the best way to encounter wild animals at closed proximity, every bit they non every bit intimidated every bit coming facial expression upwards to facial expression upwards alongside human being. The most pop way to explore the Wild inwards Bharat is through Elephant Safari.

Various wild animals tour in addition to move packages are available inwards Bharat for organized trips into the wild.

                                                           1. Tiger Tours:

India has 1 of the highest populations of tigers inwards the World. Alarmed past times the dwindling release of tigers many people had taken keen involvement inwards spotting tigers inwards the wild earlier it acquire besides scarce. Jim Corbett national Park, Ranthambore national Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park in addition to the Sunderbans are some of the pop places for tiger tours.
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                                 2. Elephant Safari Tours in addition to Travel Packages:

Elephant Safari tour is 1 of the most enjoyable move sense inwards the wild. It is hard to spot tigers in addition to large animals without going on an elephant Safari. Elephant Safari has huge wages over Jeep Safari on the fact that it tin hand the axe navigate almost anywhere inwards the forest. Therefore it offers thrilling first- manus sense of sneaking upwards closed to the wild habitat.

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                                                         3. Rhino Tours:

One horn Rhino is exclusively establish inwards the State of Assam inwards India. It’s Habitat, The Kaziranga National Park is a marsh Earth covered past times tall elephant grass. The exclusively agency of navigating this Park is through elephants.

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There are to a greater extent than ways of exploring the various landscapes of wild India.
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