City Walk, Saket Gears Upward For Diwali

When it comes to splurging extravagantly, City walk, Saket tops big time. Be it erecting giant white-Crystal Christmas tree inwards the middle of the mall or showcasing BMW's, this mall has done it all. Why should nosotros human face anything lesser when it comes to Diwali, the gods of all festival for many Delhites? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 human face at the mall volition laissez passer on us a glimpse of what to human face this Diwali. Surely this mall has started gearing upward for Diwali. This trendy mall is a parameter to measure elegance and mode during this festive season.
Saket metropolis walk basking the sun.
Diwali is the festival of lights. Colorful amps hanging from the ceilings herald the flavour of Diwali.
Decorative items at sale for Diwali. You easily pick upward whatsoever gift items of your choice. From dresses to Photo frames together with cute exotic lamps; you'll larn everything here.
Colorful decor adorning the mall gives the ambiance of festive season.
BMW's upward for exposition. Above, decor of Diwali hanging from the ceiling.
This grand display of lights volition come upward last equally shortly equally the Sun hits the earth.
Nearest tube station is Malviya Nagar Metro Station. from hither its only ten Rs past times shared Auto or thirty Rs if y'all hire it. 


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