India travel destinations: A Weekend Tour Of Hampi- The Boulder Metropolis Of India Travel

By Trinetta Fernandes

Five Female Travel Enthusiasts. One Weekend. That’s all nosotros needed to gear upwardly out exploring yet some other place. We were clear close discovering a slice of ancient Republic of Republic of India Travel together with nosotros zeroed inward on Hampi.

Hampi is located inward North Karnatak on the banks of the river Tungabhadra, some 709 kms. from Mumbai. It was 1 time the majuscule of the Hindu Vijaynagar Empire which ruled South Republic of Republic of India Travel betwixt 14th to 16th century AD. The ruined temple metropolis is famously known equally the ‘Boulder metropolis of India’. It is a labyrinth of temples, busy marketplace position places, narrow streets, ancient monuments surrounded past times boulder strew mountains. It likewise features amidst UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. 

First sightings of boulders
The friendly rickshaw guys who picked us upwardly from the Hospet Bus Stand offered to accept us about later nosotros rapidly checked into our invitee house. Finding an economical house to alive is no mammoth task. Tiny lanes lined amongst rows of houses amongst extra rooms attached are a mutual sight. Tourism has helped generate a root of revenue for the locals.

Our rickshaw drivers doubled upwardly equally our guides together with thence nosotros began our exploration. Our commencement halt was the magnificent Virupaksha Temple, which is believed to hold upwardly 1 of the oldest active temples inward India Travel. It dates dorsum to the 7th century AD.  The temple complex was filled amongst people performing prayer rituals along amongst the tourists queued upwardly to admire the carvings on stone at the entrance of the temple. The intricate designs on stone along amongst the precision would get got been quite a chore inward the times the temple was built.
A thought of the Virupaksha Temple entrance

 Filled amongst admiration later visiting the temple complex, nosotros headed onwards. While at that topographic point are local tourists, Hampi is likewise a mutual finish amongst international tourists. Our side past times side halt was the majestic enclosures together with the elephant stables.
The stables served equally a habitation to the majestic elephants. It is a long construction spread across a garden. Every stable is large plenty to adapt a minimum of 2 elephants. Within the same premises is situated the Lotus Temple. It is an ornate construction amongst a mixture of Hindu together with Muslim architecture. Our guides informed us it was used past times the queens during their leisure time.  

The Elephant Enclosures

The Lotus Temple

The Lakshmi Narsimha
Famished past times now, nosotros headed to get got a repast at a rather quaint eatery ‘Mango Tree’ later which nosotros went to meet the Lakshmi Narsimha. The statue of a ‘half human together with one-half lion’ carved out of a unmarried stone is 6.7 thousand high. It is said to hold upwardly 1 of the x incarnations of Vishnu amongst detailed carving. The complex houses the Badavi Linga Temple, which is largest monolithic Linga inward Hampi. It is filled amongst H2O throughout the yr together with the temple priest spends his entire solar daytime inward waist deep water- such is his devotion!

 Early side past times side morning, nosotros gear upwardly off to grab the sunrise at Matanga Hills, from where 1 tin get got a bird’s optic thought of the entire town. Our final halt was the Vittala Temple Complex. This temple complex has diverse shrines together with is noted for its intricately carved pillars, some said to hold upwardly musical pillars. The mighty stone chariot, inward the same complex is believed to hold upwardly a shrine. On closer inspection, mythical battle scene tin withal hold upwardly seen carved all about it.

The Vittala Temple Complex

The Stone Chariot
The complex offers a spot for every tired traveller to rest. One tin detect their placidity house together with sit down dorsum to admire the vast temple complex or indulge inward a coracle ride across the river, simply behind the temple. (A coracle is a minor circular traditional boat)
A placidity spot inward the Vittala Temple Complex

The weekend had ended together with and so had our trip. We headed dorsum habitation amongst sore feet, happy hearts together with content smiles. We cannot expect to teach explore some other house soon!
Happy Us!

AUTHOR BIO - Trinetta plant inward the Development Sector equally a Social Worker. An brute lover, she loves heading out of the out at every given opportunity. She enjoys solo traveling equally good equally exploring places amongst her daughter group.  


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