India travel destinations: Ramblings Of A Lonely Daughter - Days Spent Inwards Tiny Hamlet Inwards Uttarkashi

By Priyanka Das

“Aapka gaon bahut sundar hai...” I said smiling.
 (Your hamlet is real beautiful)

“Hai na? wohi toh.. Pata nahi aap sheher wale kaise rehte ho? Humko toh soch ke hullo ajeeb lagta hai ki roz ganga maa ke darshan nahi honge!” she said.
(Yes, how create you lot metropolis people live? The idea of non seeing Mother Ganga every twenty-four hr catamenia is hence uncomforting!)

 Between the gasping for breath as well as trying to abide by my foothold, I braved a glance at the one-time wrinkled confront of the lady sprinting as well as hopping across boulders making her agency through the lush fields flaunting its abundant harvest of soybean as well as paddy. The turbulent Ganges flowed beneath us, roaring, mark its territory. But at that spot was no turbulence on this lady’s face. It was calm. It was happy.
I had only met her that morn inwards the petty hamlet of Siror on the banks of Ganges as well as she had offered to stimulate got me uphill to consider her fields. This petty unassuming hamlet was to live my dwelling solid for thirty days.
As nosotros stopped for breath, overlooking the gorgeous landscape dotted amongst clear white waterfalls, I idea of the sequence of events that had led me to this spot.


Very ofttimes inwards our lives nosotros stimulate got a quick determination that changes the entire class of life. Taking a solo trip to Uttarkashi was 1 of them. When I boarded my develop from Delhi railway station later on maxim goodbye to my friend, for the start fourth dimension it dawned on me that I was going to undertake this 12 hr develop journeying followed past times a vi hr charabanc ride all on my own... I was going to live Alone.

My take away heed was filled amongst apprehensions as well as possibilities seeded past times endless stories of law-breaking shown on TV. I spent the entire develop journeying clinging on to my pocketbook eyeing every rider inwards the develop amongst suspicion as well as equally a potential rapist. Then  I spent some other vi hours on a rickety bus, making its agency through narrow foggy roads occasionally flight through tiny H2O streams, hoping that at that spot is no landslide on the agency that would entraps us! Needless to tell it was an arduous journey. Once inwards Uttarkashi, I boarded a taxi for the lastly conclusive leg of the journeying as well as reached Sivananda Kutir, Netala.

The Ashram

“Madam aap Sivananda ashram ja rahe ho?”

 (Madam, are you lot going to Sivananda Ashram)

“Haan". (Yes.)

“Aap thak gaye lagte hain. Par aapke wahan pahunchte hullo sari thakan door ho jayegi” proclaimed my taxi driver.
(Don't worry, the 2nd you lot accomplish there, you lot won’t experience tired anymore.)

I smiled. This was non the start fourth dimension I had experienced the intense devotion the percentage has towards the Ganges. She was the solution to every occupation from crops failing to SENSEX dropping 100 points. She was the real lifeline of this place.

The unassuming taxi driver was correct of course.

The ashram was correct on the banks of the river as well as my room was perched on the river side inwards a rather precarious agency almost floating on the ravaging swirling H2O beneath.
For many nights thereafter, I lay broad awake inwards my bed listening to the noisy river flowing correct exterior my window.

“Has the H2O degree risen?”
“I bet, the river sounds closer as well as louder than an hr before”
“There was a alluvion a few years back...maybe this is non the best house to be...”
“Was this the 3rd night? Or perchance the 4th?”

My develop of idea was endless.

The River Ganga flowing correct adjacent to the Ashram
There is e'er a ‘chicken little’ hiding inwards all of us for whom the heaven is e'er falling. My apprehensions were driving me to the betoken of insanity. With nada else to do, I got upwards as well as walked out of my room into the pocket-size platform. The heaven was exceptionally clear that twenty-four hr catamenia as well as the Moon was full. The Ganges was flowing amongst to a greater extent than gusto than ever before. I walked closer to the border of the platform as well as placed my hands on the railing. There was no other lite inwards entire house but the moon.  The moonlight reflecting on the river was rendering the river a silvery ethereal glow. And as well as then all of a precipitous at that spot was consummate silence. Something deep inwards my pump had been released. The H2O of the river swayed, swirled as well as flowed amongst all its might, washing away everything inwards its path.  But somewhere inwards all this chaos, at that spot was even hence this unknown divine loose energy that moved as well as united everything only about me.

Devotion is a tricky thing. It is staggeringly hard to abide by it. But 1 time you lot do, it is almost impossible to lose it.  If you lot stimulate got ever been a traveller you lot would know that every journeying inwards life teaches you lot something. For me this journeying was a journeying of discovering dear as well as how to surrender. It was a journeying of knowing that I am e'er watched over. It was a journeying that taught me that at that spot is immense goodness inwards this globe if alone nosotros opened upwards our eyes as well as look.

It was a journeying that taught me, no thing where nosotros are, nosotros are never genuinely “Alone”.

Author Bio: After working inwards the software manufacture for 4 years, Priyanka quit her undertaking to stimulate got upwards writing. She is passionate nearly offbeat traveling, nutrient for soul, coming together novel people as well as sharing their stories, recycling as well as yoga. You tin follow her thoughts, stories as well as travelogues on her spider web log  Postcard from Life 


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