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By Saumitra Shinde

               The serene morn breeze & the villages of Goa passing past times made me imagine what lied ahead inward my journeying on this province of serenity & revelry. The abrupt gush of air current from the car’s window told me, “You are hither non to rediscover yourself, but to discovery the answer to enquiry – What is the hugger-mugger behind this beloved for travel?’ While I won’t tell that the trip revealed all the secrets behind one’s hunger to explore dissimilar places, I am assured that it has given me the courage to continue travelling until I discovery it. 

Why Goa? That’s because I receive got visited this house earlier but never explored the other side of this beautiful land. It tin offering y'all a lot of things apart from booze & beaches, alone if y'all gain upwardly one's heed to go farther, away from the beaches. 

 When y'all are travelling lone inward Goa, y'all receive got to follow alone 1 dominion – Just instruct alongside the flow!

Day 1

The hugger-mugger getaway close Aguada Jail

Serene persuasion from the Fort

  On my outset hateful solar daytime itself my telephone decided to betray me, in addition to thus alongside no access to Google Maps, I took off on my Scooty. While the route signs inward Goa are pretty accurate, the locals are to a greater extent than than happy to guide y'all through inward representative y'all experience lost. So that’s when I started feeling comfortable inward Goa because it’s nigh agreement the locale & blending alongside it.

 I started my journeying towards Aguada Fort when instead of taking a correct plow for the Fort, I went direct towards Aguada Jail. The route that leads to the jail is quite soothing, the trees to your correct & the shimmering body of body of water to your left offers a breath-taking view.

                    You tin in all probability sweat line-fishing over here; spotted 2 guys doing the same

While the Jail is non a house where y'all could revive history or receive got pictures behind bars equally it’s a performance jail & nobody is allowed inside. So, it was pointless waiting exterior & taking pictures of the gothic styled sculpture exterior the jail’s gate but that’s when I noticed a little path going downwards towards the sea. I followed it in addition to it led me to a secluded spot alongside body of body of water rocks, where 1 tin sit down for hours watching the Sun fix over the vast H2O trunk inward forepart of us.

My adjacent halt was the Aguada Fort. To go honest it’s a bad thought to see in that location inward the afternoon or for that affair inward the Summers, since the scorching rut & the Sunday inward a higher house y'all absorbs all the seat out energy out of you. Ideally, an early on Morning see or visiting hither inward the monsoon would go a slap-up idea.

So, after the futile see to the Aguada Fort I headed towards Chapora Fort– A house where picturesque landscape is a reality. 

A beautiful Villa amidst a lush greenish farm on the way

The Chapora Fort is located inward Bardez in addition to overlooks the beautiful Chapora River. Just when y'all start climbing to the top y'all instruct an thought of what lies ahead. The Vagator Beach to your left looks mesmerizing because of its beautiful sandy stretch. The Chapora River to your correct offers a breath-taking persuasion of the typical Goa that y'all imagine alongside kokosnoot trees standing tall & the roofs of little Villas & Churches peeking out.

A glimpse of the Vagator beach from a distance

                                          Wondering how it volition hold off inward monsoon?

I believe, ‘Sometimes y'all receive got to instruct beyond the nothing, because at the halt that’s where the truthful beauty lies’. So that’s what I did in addition to believe me it was the best experience of my life!!

Standing inward forepart of the mighty Arabian Sea in addition to admiring its vastness

                                                The beauty beyond the cypher !

The Chapora Fort is an amazing house where y'all tin pass hours admiring the beauty of the body of body of water & the land. Going in that location inward the afternoon during summertime mightiness ruin your visit, my advice – see it 1-2 hours earlier the sunset & remain until the stars start twinkling.

Things started getting to a greater extent than exciting & happening equally fourth dimension passed by. The Vagator Beach tempted me to walk barefoot on the sand,it was hard to tell goodbye to such an amazing place, but equally nosotros all know, memories tin go made at every few steps!

After a brusk walk on the Vagator Beach, I headed to Calangute to grab the sunset in addition to instruct cook for the adjacent day’s exciting in addition to adventurous trip to Old Goa & Olaulim.

                                                      Sunset at the Calangute Beach
                       Part II of this serial volition go on the weblog later on this month!

          Have y'all e'er travelled Solo to a finish to discovery its other side?



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