India travel destinations: Colorful Postcards From Pushkar

By Achin Gupta

 The Sleepy town of Pushkar, inward the Indian state of Rajasthan comes go during the calendar month of November, when a grand upshot starts its calendar week long schedule.

I visited Pushkar dorsum inward 2014 to attend biggest spectacle of cattle trading on Earth. Yes, the ‘Pushkar Fair’. I was purpose of a group, total of photography enthusiasts together with our sole purpose was to indulge inward  culture together with street photography. We used to wake at iv am to witness groups of camels coming amongst their herders to the fair soil where they spent the residuum of the day. Clicking these herds inward the dramatic low-cal of sunrise was our sole aim inward the morn session.

Camels approaching ‘Fair’ soil early on morning

Picture perfect ‘Fair’ soil setting

In add-on to cattle trading, Pushkar Fair is a confluence of Indian culture. Vibrantly colored handicrafts, artisans from almost together with far off villages showcasing their skills, cultural dances together with gamble sports, all are an indivisible purpose of this large gathering.

Handmade puppets, a really pop handicraft from Rajasthan

A lady selling colourful beads

Thousands of cattle are brought to this venue from across Bharat for trading, but bulk of them are  from the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat & Uttar Pradesh.
The Three Musketeers

The Fair provides ample opportunities for street photography. People dressed inward colourful religious clothes together with portraying diverse forms of God is a mutual sight.

Innocence: Children dressed inward diverse Indian God forms

Thousands of devotees lead maintain a dip inward the sacred Pushkar Lake during this time.

Pushkar town too the sacred ‘Pushkar Lake’

It is a must catch at to the lowest degree in 1 lawsuit inward a lifetime. You volition go spellbound yesteryear the energy, motivation together with dedication of all the villagers who receive their solar daytime early on to pass residuum of solar daytime inward estrus together with dust. Their enthusiasm never dies.
I got about peachy shots, learned about lessons together with made novel friends. Who knows, you lot volition produce much more!

                                                                         * * *

Author Bio:

Achin Gupta is Delhi based information technology engineer who follows travel photography together with writing equally his exclusively passions. In the pursuit of his dream to come across the world, he has travelled many parts of Bharat together with a few places abroad equally well.


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