India travel destinations: A Kaleidoscope Of The Pump Nation : Spiti

By Malita Crasto

The Spiti Valley is a desert mount valley located high inwards the Himalaya mountains inwards the north-eastern part of the Indian Earth of Himachal Pradesh. The yell “Spiti” agency “The Middle Land”, i.e. the Earth betwixt Tibet too Bharat – Wikipedia.

Here is a kaleidoscope of my favorite moments from my trip to Kinnaur too Spiti.

Meeting the Goddess

Our showtime halt – The Bhima Kali temple inwards Sarahan village. Human sacrifices were carried out hither till close the 18th century to delight the goddess.

Chitkul is rainy too mutual depression temperature when nosotros teach inwards too is also the lastly hamlet at the Indo Tibet border. There is aught notable close the place, but visiting the lastly hamlet should live proficient plenty reason.

Dhankar was the old majuscule of Spiti too the monastery overlooks the Spiti – Pin confluence
This monastery also is around yard years old too is of religious significance. The landscape around Dhankar is grandiose too dissimilar anything that I always saw earlier (loss of words).

Magical Lake

A steep upward trek leads us to the Dhankhar Lake. The way upward was non hard yet the sparse air made the climb arduous. The lake was a magical color of turquoise, green, blue…again at a  loss of words to depict beauty.

Dancing In Demul

We were excited to sentry a traditional Spitian dance. The dancers were all women who were beautifully attired inwards their traditional shawls too a lot of jewelry. After a piece nosotros joined them inwards their dance. The trip the low-cal fantastic was indeed a proficient way to empathize the civilization of the people here


Breathless due to the trek but feeling accomplished nosotros finally reached Komic, the highest hamlet inwards Asia too a pretty hamlet too.This fourth dimension my hosts were a large household unit of measurement amongst ii really cute too sweetness kids.The card for the eventide dinner was white patato momos too soup. Given the blowing mutual depression temperature winds exterior this was a welcome.

Mr. Postman at Hikkim

The post purpose at Hikkim is the highest inwards the world!!

 Kinner Kailash

We were at Kalpa on the lastly 24-hour interval of our trip. I woke upward for a walk to sentry the sunrise from the mountains.

Spiti has all of these too a lot to a greater extent than to offer. If offbeat too unexplored is your kinda holiday, hence Spiti should live on your list :)

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