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For people to follow traffic feel at that topographic point must go adequate infrastructure inwards house  IndiaTravel; Traffic on Hosur Road
For people to follow traffic feel at that topographic point must go adequate infrastructure inwards house . Taking an illustration of Hosur route Bommanahalli faces a huge jam every 24-hour interval ,at precisely about hr or the other , too scores of people are trying to cross the route inwards diverse directions . at that topographic point should go proper human foot over bridges or subways for people to motion freely too safely .
I come upwardly yesteryear cycle quite oftentimes too faced precisely about other work .. at that topographic point is merely no proper signal all the agency from electronics metropolis to silkboard . At nighttime I convey oftentimes screeched to a halt at the signal lead from forty to 0 barely catching a glimpse of a traffic police trace waving from nowhere ( someday volition merely become hitting yesteryear mortal from the raise for stopping similar that on a route ) .... similar a shot I stopped at a decent distance but precisely about other automobile precisely stops nation ane metre inwards front end of me .. no finite occupation of stopping .. no zebra crossing , white lines etc.. the iii lane route all of a abrupt tapers to a two lane crossing ....
There has been a lot of activeness .. at to the lowest degree they are closing the unsafe ditch on either side of the route . But the patchwork is really poor , the extended business office of the route is unsafe for riders .. patch driving you lot volition experience your raise wheel slipping at points precisely because the route is really unevenly tarred .
One of the biggest problems too risks for commuters is that at that topographic point are no definite rider vehicle stops . Cannot blame rider vehicle drivers for stopping anywhere because at that topographic point is merely no definite too sufficient house to stand upwardly .
On tiptop of that at that topographic point are foreign diversions .Any diversions should go properly marked too good lit . At nighttime I convey precisely whizzed yesteryear precisely about of these diversions precisely at the correct instant . H5N1 slightly careless driver , too you lot volition go really misfortunate if you lot go to come across your injuries. At precisely about points the diversions are too thus poorly done that whil driving straight you lot may merely autumn inwards a pit . Aggresive driving is a resultant of the frustations of driving through these roads. Either you lot hold off endlessly inwards a jam created precisely yesteryear traffic mismanagement or you lot are driving on a roller coaster ride. Day inwards too 24-hour interval out subsequently paying such hefty route taxes , such high taxes for crude oil , the vehicle normal citizens tin aspect precisely about decent total of infrastructure inwards house too thus that they tin commute safely . Stretches of the route convey no tar ,whenever a vehicle passes it is solely dust that it leaves behind . See the leaves of the trees nearly the Hosur route too you'll become an consider of the total of pollution inwards that area. Very petty of this is contributed yesteryear the vehicles I would say. It is the cutting downwardly of trees , a proper landscape or the lack of it has contributed to the pollution. I volition proceed this thread go for venting the frustations of Hosur route go or rather travelling inwards bangalore equally a full general .


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