Indiatravel; Nosotros Quit Our Jobs At Google To Go The World! (Yes, Nosotros Are Indian).

By Ram as well as Reshma.

Most of us earn a living then nosotros tin forcefulness out relish our passion inwards our leisure hours, as well as nosotros were no exception to the rule. We both worked for a dream companionship - Google, had a pregnant disposable income, worked difficult past times day, as well as lived the high life past times eve as well as on weekends. Yet in that location was something missing, similar nosotros were living it upward entirely peripherally. Deep within, nosotros were non able to do the i affair nosotros thoroughly loved - travel. We took frequent vacations, but e'er flora ourselves time-bound as well as sprinting alongside fixed itineraries. 
We were left alongside a longing to indulge deeper as well as experience the places nosotros travelled in, as well as ultimately earn experiences rather than money.
So afterward vii years of a comfortable corporate cubicle, nosotros decided to quit our jobs as well as encompass a nomadic life. 

In the half-dozen months since nosotros started our novel lives, nosotros have discovered Thailand inwards a means our corporate lives never allowed us; nosotros saw the temples of Bangkok past times twenty-four hr menses as well as went pub hopping past times night, wandered upward as well as downward Bangla road, hopped on a speed boat to super crowded Phi Phi island, went snorkeling at monkey bay, an experience that left us mesmerized past times the beauty of marine life. 

The highlight of our trip to Phuket was taking John Gray's Sea Canoe excursion - where nosotros got to experience the stunning beauty of the ocean, explore sea caves as well as hidden lagoons past times kayak nether the bluish skies as well as past times the lite of the moon. We learnt how to brand bloom kratong, as well as joined the locals to offering them to the sea gods at the caves afterward sunset (yes, nosotros recovered the kratong dorsum from the sea!). 
We were lucky plenty to witness the rare bio-luminescent phenomenon inwards the lagoon, where micro sea organisms emit a natural white glow inwards the dark waters.

If Thailand opened us upward to the coastal beauty of Southeast Asia, nosotros lost our pump inwards the pump of our ain country, India. On a 43-day route trip covering 4270 km, fifteen cities, three Blue Planet heritage sites as well as half-dozen national parks, nosotros witnessed the awe-inspiring form of Madhya Pradesh - wildlife, pilgrimages, historical monuments, prehistoric cave paintings, India's rock monument, the regal Bengal tiger, the holy Narmada, masjids, stupas, the Vindhya as well as Satpura ranges, as well as the iconic Khajuraho temples; nosotros saw it all.

Funding our travels from our savings over the years, every twenty-four hr menses makes us experience similar nosotros are getting a picayune closer to the life nosotros cause got e'er dreamed of. 

Would you lot ever catch quitting your chore for a nomadic life?


AUTHOR BIO: Passion for go brought Ram as well as Reshma close; they brutal inwards love, got married as well as directly come upward up alongside crazy ideas to satisfy their hunger for travel. When they are non travelling, they blog, occur their culinary skills as well as process their gustatory modality buds. They exercise yoga, cause got attention of the machines they ride as well as drive. Read their spider web log at


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