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By Saumitra Shinde

Continued from Part I

So afterwards an eventful Day 1 I headed to Old Goa as well as Olalium on Day 2.

Goa is a province of vibrancy,  every few kilometre you lot volition detect something new,  so imagine the possibilities of experiencing contrasting things inwards a day. Well, the 2nd hateful solar daytime was 1 such day. Old Goa is where every history lover tin ship away pass hours admiring the beauty of the ancient structures. Also, it is a sky for photographers & budding architects.   
Church of St. Cajetan, Old Goa 

Basilica Of Bom Jesus, Old Goa
The beautiful Se Cathedral, Old Goa

After spending roughly fourth dimension roaming inwards Old Goa, I ready off towards Olaulim for roughly adventure,which was the most elevating & memorable purpose of the entire solo trip. 

A route through the villages of Goa

Olaulim is a beautiful hamlet inwards Bardez & an ideal place for a summertime holiday. Looking at its beautiful landscape & the surrounding greenery 1 tin ship away really imagine the lushness of Olaulim during monsoon. I headed to a house called “The Olaulim Backyard” which I flora out well-nigh through my interactions alongside a go blogger on Social Media. Olaulim Backyard was the perfect house for me to be, given the opportunity I was seeking. One experiences the authentic rural Goa on his agency to this beautiful farm delineate of piece of occupation solid which is on the banks of a mortal lake.
So alongside a few handy tips from the owners I ready out inwards my kayak. Believe me, it was the best workout I’ve e'er had! Imagine yourself grueling it out inwards middle of a pond watching the sunset as well as admiring the nature. 

View from the kayak

Kayaking non exclusively tested my physical abilities but also my mental strength. After kayaking inwards the lake for a spell I stopped pedaling as well as kept floating across the lake alongside the H2O current. It was actually peaceful to run across the Dominicus larn downwards & look dorsum at the memories I had made inwards the final 2 days.

Day three – The hateful solar daytime I did nothing
Well I don't regret proverb that I did naught on my final hateful solar daytime because this was what I wanted to produce earlier I left for Mumbai. I woke upward belatedly that morning, enjoyed the set out breakfast at my hotel & took an appointment for a soothing caput massage. For adding roughly to a greater extent than opportunity to my trip & non making the hateful solar daytime ho-hum I headed to Calangute beach for Para-Gliding as well as and thence headed to Baga beach to grab the sunset.

I watched the Dominicus till the really cease & relived the moments that I had experienced inwards the final 2 days. That even out my journeying didn’t cease but gave nascency to umpteen novel possibilities & experiences.
The mesmerizing Sunset!


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