Indiatravel; Hampi India

Route from Bangalore to Hampi
Bangalore --> Tumkur --> Chitradurga ( on National Highway 4)
Chitradurga --> Hospet( on National Highway 13)
We started from Bangalore about 12 o clock at midnight in addition to reached Hampi about 10 am. We would convey in all probability reached a dyad of hours earlier, but nosotros were stuck inward Bangalore traffic from midnight till iii o clock inward the forenoon in addition to it was raining cats in addition to dogs leading to a terrible traffic chaos inward the outskirts of the urban kernel nigh Tumkur Road.
Anyways later on reaching Hampi nosotros started looking for a house to stay. It seemed everything was booked for the weekend in addition to nosotros convey arrived every bit unwelcome guests. Just to give a brief thought , Hampi has really petty lodging facilities. It is to a greater extent than ofttimes than non invitee houses which are simply normal houses payable for guests. As such the facilities are bare minimum. On top of that Hampi existence on the UNESCO World heritage site in that location are lots of visitors from Europe in addition to Americas, Nihon etc who convey no thought nearly rates inward Republic of Republic of India in addition to convey pampered the localites a chip with their $$s. As a trial nosotros also ended upward paying 500 Rs (INR) for a clumsy room for the night. We were simply happy to run into it had a attached bath in addition to a musquito cyberspace in addition to inward a higher house all a comfortable bed. It was called the Santosh Guest House , simply beside the parking lot at the entrance of Hampi Bazar(Bazar agency Market).
After getting fresh nosotros saw it was best to convey some brunch ( breakfast + lunch) at the local shops within Hampi Bazaar. Here I demand to holler that all shops inward Hampi convey alone vegetarian items( at to the lowest degree nosotros did non notice whatever non-vegetarian).We settled for a eating seat called Geetha Restaurant which had a tabular array giving a dainty sentiment of the route within the bazaar leading to the gate of Virupaksha Temple.
We had some dainty hot chapatti sabzi ( breadstuff with mixed veg curry ) in addition to similar poori sabzi all of which was prepared in that location in addition to and then in addition to was steaming hot in addition to really fresh. iii Pooris + sabzi = xxx Rs2 Chapatti + sabzi = twenty RsTea was really costly at 12 Rs a drinking glass which was of gigantic size therefore six of us had iii spectacles of tea divided past times 2.It was a really dainty repast except for the constantly buzzing flies in addition to the occasional audio of monkeys jumping on the corrugated roof top of the restaurant.Incidentally it seemed if you lot are adventurous in addition to then you lot tin larn anything from Israeli salad to Tibetan momo here.

The Sacred Center itinerary
Virupaksha Temple --> Hemakuta Hills & Hemakuta Temples --> Kadalekalu Ganesha --> Krishna Temple --> Krishna Bazaar in addition to puddle --> Sasivekalu Ganesha --> Back To Hampi bazaar
VIRUPARKSHA TEMPLE : Here you lot convey to starting fourth dimension go inward the starting fourth dimension gate in addition to larn out your shoes. Then in that location is a entrance fee , which was non needed for us somehow later on they took 100 Rs for 2 cameras. (Unfortunately it is some absurd amount for foreigners - which is really bad)Virupaksha Temple is really dainty in addition to its an active temple in addition to fifty-fifty today lots of people soundless pray in addition to give pooja. I saw few to a greater extent than deities this fourth dimension than I saw concluding fourth dimension a few years back. But the onetime elephant is soundless in that location ( non sure if its the same i that I saw on my concluding trip). This fourth dimension it was busy approbation people inward central of cash.
After Virupaksha Temple nosotros walked to run into the Matangi Tank beside the temple which seemed to live on inward fact business office of the temple complex itself.Then nosotros moved to the correct of the Virupaksha Temple to run into the Hemakuta loma in addition to its temples. It was a deadening cloudy solar daytime therefore nosotros enjoyed the trip on the rock really much. After some photos nosotros moved downhill on the other side simply inward front end of Kadavekalu Ganesha. Unlike Hemakuta which was barren in addition to devoid of people this was correct on the original route in addition to hordes of excited tourists thronged the area. We moved towards the Krishna Temple which in i trial again gave us a serene feeling. With hardly a soul within the temple , nosotros enjoyed its wonderful construction in addition to its acquaint solar daytime inhabitants some squirrels similar messengers of God playing inward the chemical compound without disturbance or fear.
Next nosotros moved to run into the marketplace house beside Krishna Temple in addition to a puddle long deserted past times culture where nosotros caught our breath a petty in addition to moved on to run into the Sasivekalu Ganesha. Here in i trial again in that location was a big crowd. It is really ironic that people till appointment soundless crowd the ruins of the temples which convey deities within them in addition to ignore the ones where the idols are in all probability destroyed. But the best matter to banker's complaint is that nosotros did non demand to larn out our shoes except Virupaksha Temple( in addition to latter at Kodandarama Temple)
After this long circular inward the afternoon nosotros sat for a cool gulp of lime soda inward a local eating seat in addition to enjoyed the chatter of the local people.
Hampi Bazaar --> Straight to Monolithic Bull --> Take stairs in addition to some trek to Achyut Raya Temple --> There is a pocket-sized trek to a mount top which nosotros skipped in addition to headed towards Courtesan's Street leading to Kempa Bhupa Marg --> Kodandarama Temple --> Varaha Temple --> River Tungabhadra was overflowing.
Some of us were likewise tired therefore they decided to residue , the residue of us walked towards Monolithic Bull. There was a celluloid shooting going on hither in addition to lots of curious onlookers gathered to witness that. I was busy taking some photos on the stairs beside the Monolithic bull when a lathi wielding guard asked me to clear the problem of sight of the camera. That pissed me off badly , celluloid companies are ever welcome every bit long every bit they produce non disturb normal tourists in addition to play loud music completely devastating the feeling i gets with such ancient ruins.
Ignoring the elite crowd of film buffs I moved forwards in addition to fished a curt trek to AcyutRaya's Temple which was best when I came hither concluding time. This fourth dimension the ruins were cleaned in addition to the temple structures were organized in addition to its certainly going to live on the side past times side tourist hotspot.
One indicate I wishing to holler hither of what nosotros witnessed hither was that some Japanese girls were existence harassed past times some local lads. I couldn't empathise what went on betwixt them but it seemed that the local lads were likewise keen to larn photos with the Japanese girls which got a chip ugly when some perverted snob got likewise unopen for comfort.
On the left of The Courtesan's street in that location was the Kodandarama Temple beside that was the furious Tungabhadra river already flowing over its brims.We spent a quite fourth dimension in that location in addition to moved to run into the Varaha Temple which was a deserted place. After that nosotros decided to convey a residue on the banks of the river where it was furiously gushing in addition to nosotros could run into fish jumping inward its furious waters.

End of solar daytime 1We had some problem finding a proper eating seat inward Hospet. Finally nosotros had dinner inward a eating seat called Manasi Garden Restaurant which was quite good.
Sacred Center continued Day 2
Hampi Bazaar --> Straight to Monolithic Bull --> Take stairs in addition to some trek to Achyut Raya Temple --> There is a pocket-sized trek to a mount top which nosotros skipped in addition to headed towards Courtesan's Street leading to Kempa Bhupa Marg --> Kodandarama Temple --> Varaha Temple --> Further to King's Balance --> Vitthala Temple --> Inscribed Vishnu Temple Back past times the same route to Hampi bazaar
On solar daytime 2 nosotros had to larn out early. We wanted to remain some other solar daytime but nosotros were informed that it was booked therefore they cannot spare us. However they were dainty in addition to offered us to maintain our luggage. We even therefore kept it inward the automobile nosotros had come upward in.After a non bad breakfast in i trial again nosotros laid off in i trial again from Monolithic Bull. We saw the Achyut Raya Temple in i trial again in addition to and then passing the Varaha Temple nosotros in i trial again sat downward beside the Tungabhadra. This fourth dimension nosotros saw a fisherman catching a goodness booty with his expertise.
Then nosotros moved on in addition to saw the King's Balance on the way. Next nosotros saw the Vitthala Temple, the temple with musical pillars. But unfortunately that business office was cordoned off due to maintenance work.However soundless nosotros enjoyed the temple in addition to and then had a curt walk beside the Tungabhadra river where nosotros saw the Inscribed Vishnu Temple.
Then nosotros walked dorsum to Hampi bazaar in i trial again ,same route nosotros had come.
We had a heavy tiffin at Geetha Restaurant. This fourth dimension nosotros had rice items.Veg+Egg fried Rice/ Plain Rice / Dal Fry /Alu Fry / etc. six people with a lot of cokes in addition to a lot of nutrient it was really goodness in addition to toll us nearly 500 Rupees total.
After Lunch nosotros bid goodbye to Hampi Bazaar in addition to took our cab straight to Royal Center
Royal Center Itinerary
Hazara Rama Temple --> King's Audience Hall --> Underground Shrine Chamber --> Mahanavami Dibba ( H5N1 pyramid similar rock structure)Royal Enclosure
Next nosotros moved to the Zanana Enclosure Ranga Temple --> Lotus Mahal --> Elephant Stables --> Queen's Tomb
NOTE: Same ticket that nosotros bought inward Vitthala Temple is valid hither also
We started the Royal Center a chip late, I knew nosotros needed some other solar daytime for this but in addition to then due to bookings inward the lodgings nosotros had to leave. We got some other places to remain , in addition to fifty-fifty saw few foreigners staying inward really shabby places , opened upward nets on the verandah in addition to all but nosotros decided to provide to Bangalore at night. So the starting fourth dimension matter nosotros did was to achieve the best house inward Royal Center the Hazara Rama Temple which was indeed a beautiful slice of art. It had stories on all its walls in addition to pillars. From in that location nosotros moved on to the Royal Enclosure in addition to I was thrilled to run into the hush-hush shrine chamber.
While my friend's sat on the Mahanavami Dibba I hovered about the regal bath in addition to its huge stepped tank which was definitely a process to sentry in addition to the aqueducts which brought H2O to these tanks.
After this nosotros took a shortcut through the fields to Zanana Enclosure. It is a guarded enclosure where nosotros flora the tickets for the Vitthala temple were soundless valid here. First in that location was the Queen's tomb in addition to nigh the walls were the huge primitive guard towers. But the best matter to notice hither was the Lotus Mahal which sure enough looked beautiful fifty-fifty inward the tardily afternoon.
The elephant stables were huge in addition to on some other side was some archaeological exhibits. I was photographing these happily when soul informed that photography was prohibited. Its sometimes seems therefore giddy that authorities bodies similar ASI tin prohibit you lot from taking photos of Lord Ganesha idol of the 15th Century which is lying opened upward without whatever care.
Bygones ,we moved on later on a refreshing gulp of light-green kokosnoot H2O to run into the Ranga Temple , somehow the guard did non allow us inside.
Just every bit nosotros were planning what to produce side past times side it started raining buckets. We ran into the shelter of our cab in addition to and then sped towards the Tungabhadra Dam which nosotros wanted to see. Getting downward at the entrance nosotros had to buys tickets of v rupees each , which was non clear why nosotros convey to purchase tickets to run into a dam in addition to no i collecting the coin was a authorities official. But in addition to then it seemed to live on the police delineate of the day.
After a lazy stroll nosotros walked dorsum to the cab in addition to started off for Bangalore. Midway nosotros haled in i trial at Chitradurga for dinner inward an empty deserted restaurant.
Apart from the tyre puncture in addition to the really slowly driver nosotros reached dwelling solid safely at six o clock inward the morning. It was a wonderful trip per caput at alone 2500 Rupees(INR) roughly per head.
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