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Last calendar week nosotros went for a trip to Goa, but this fourth dimension the aim was to only relax, consume together with sleep(I know some of y'all would think...what a waste!! But believe me, to larn a few nights at a stretch to slumber 8hrs per black together with to larn nutrient without actually cooking it is worth all the luxury for parents to piddling ones). 
After much research, nosotros finalized on " the beach". I idea to dedicate a crisp weblog to this property, which tin dismiss assist others inward making their determination for staying here.

This belongings is located inward S Goa, together with has a direct access to the beach from inside the belongings itself. The beach was sort of serene, construct clean together with calm, inward a consummate contrast to calangute or baga which are overcrowded together with thriving amongst activities, shops, eateries etc. Don't caput to this beach amongst lots of activities together with nutrient on locomote past times of your priority listing unless y'all desire to last heavily disappointed. You would dearest it if your motive was to accept a leisurely walk or a peaceful sunbath, direct maintain a relaxing fourth dimension amongst your friends or family.

Here's some of the snaps of the "villa" interiors, gardens together with beach facing resturant:
Our toddler enjoying nigh the children't play area

Children's play expanse at the resort

A shaded sit down out inward the resort garden

way to the beach shack together with entrance to the beach

pool sentiment from our room

resort garden

resort living room on the reason floor

resort kitchen - although at that spot were no utensils :P

The stairs to get-go flooring together with dining infinite nigh it

the beach side past times side to resort


In short, this resort+beach is good suited for families/groups that desire leisurely together with peaceful opor-garai together with don't actually tending also much nigh the thriving black life together with also much of H2O activities. Since the resort has three sleeping room villas, it's peculiarly awesome for a grouping of three families or similar grouping of friends. What I meant is that if y'all could mass ane villa all to yourself, y'all would direct maintain an awesome fourth dimension amongst swell privacy. Over all at that spot are solely some 10 summation villas which agency never having an overcrowding inward the resort, fifty-fifty if its fully booked. In illustration y'all desire to corporation out together with hitting other parts of Goa, the resort does render for vehicles at fixed rate, which, y'all mightiness honour a piddling overpriced, but of course,  there's e'er a merchandise off betwixt cost paid together with the comfort received :)
To last precise, a one-half twenty-four hours trip to Panjim together with residual of Goa would cost anywhere betwixt 2000-3000 INR (Depending on the distance to last covered or the fourth dimension involved)

Here's a brief listing of pros together with cons of the resort, equally perceived past times my household unit of measurement during our remain there:
  1. Courteous staff. And I literally hateful it. You would last greeted where ever y'all were spotted. Staff would last willing to become out of their way to assist y'all out. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 gardener left his run together with strode along amongst us to present us the path to the beach. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 waiter approached us together with had a hearty chat piece nosotros were standing nigh the restaurant. Was it a necessity? No, it was courtesy. And the listing goes on.
  2. Vast stretch of greenish lawn, decent swimming pool, on premises spa facilities, somebody access to beach, summation a children's play expanse that was large relief for me equally my piddling ane is used to it dorsum home.
  3. Very skillful location together with facilities to bask a leisurely vacation. We had leisurely walks across the beach, nosotros could bask the sunset scenes on the beach sitting into the shack at nazare.
  4. The belongings is a collection of three sleeping room villas, having 1 sleeping room at reason flooring along amongst kitchen together with dining together with 2 bedrooms on the get-go flooring amongst a vast sitting area. The terrace had benches to sunbath together with bask a glance on the stretches of the resort. The rooms were air conditioned, had a mini freeze tucked-in, a real slowly to operate locker together with a H2O heater kettle equally well. Laundry service was available on the premises. In short, all basic amenities that y'all could enquire for a comfortable remain were present.
  5. Free wifi but the forcefulness was non that swell inward the rooms.

  1. The biggest con was the nutrient options available on the premises. Since the belongings is a piddling far from major markets, restaurants together with other ready nutrient options, until y'all are willing to corporation out for long, y'all direct maintain to satisfy yourself amongst a express menu. There are 2 restaurants - tentacao inward the middle of the resort together with nazare - the beach shack. Ambiance wise, both win. But nutrient wise, both neglect to satisfy. The breakfast choice is decent, but for lunch, snacks together with dinner at that spot are real less varieties to direct from. Plus, nosotros felt the nutrient was overpriced for the amount of satisfaction it gave to the sense of savor bud. Goan bun was way also chewy together with nosotros had a sundae which didn't direct maintain brownie!!! (essentially , it was 2 scoops of vanilla icecream amongst a  little chocolate sauce). 
  2. Little thoughtfulness was missing hither together with at that spot : similar no bucket inward bathrooms!! (I had a difficult fourth dimension giving my piddling ane a bath), no musquito sprays (due to greenery at that spot was a abundance of mosquitos but the provided repellants were non sufficient together with they didn't direct maintain a spray available on the premises which nosotros could role - over again my babe came dorsum dwelling solid amongst tranquility some gruesome musquito byte marks), no refill/replacement of toiletries fifty-fifty when they got exhausted, no airplane drinking H2O inward site on the breakfast buffet spread etc. These are real piddling things that if non overlooked, tin dismiss brand the daily remain of a client much to a greater extent than convenient together with pleasurable. 
Coming to the cost, the rooms were rated somewhere some 5000-6000 INR per night. But nosotros contacted the resort straight together with got a improve bundle bargain from them that included breakfast, drome pickup together with drib along amongst stay.

Finally comes the question, if given a run a jeopardy I would over again regard staying here. Perhaps no, until the nutrient options larn elaborated out. But, at the same time, I loved residual of the facilities together with nosotros had a squeamish peaceful household unit of measurement fourth dimension along the coast , definitely enjoyed our stay.


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