A Calendar Week Long Goa Opor-Garai - Self Planned

I am going to supply hither a calendar week long sample itinerary for a leisurely Goa opor-garai alongside your solid unit of measurement on a medium budget range. You tin flame self computer programme it, you lot tin flame get upwardly to my other posts (links provided at relevant locations) for farther details....

Step 1 : Choose a location

Based on your preference, guide an expanse inward Goa where you lot desire to stay. 
If it's a leisurely go together with you lot convey immature children or toddlers, you lot would prefer staying around the beach. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 resort alongside a someone access to the beach would last best, if not, together with hence you lot tin flame nevertheless discovery ane repose around the beach hence that you lot demand non hesitate fifty-fifty if it agency heading to the H2O trunk multiple times a 24-hour interval on the demands of the immature ones.
If you lot are a couple, staying on a dainty resort premise tin flame last repose romantic. See if you lot tin flame mass ane alongside a someone beach hence you lot tin flame bask some romantic dinner on the shore. You tin flame equally good explore the hilly sides of Goa - the western ghats - wherein you lot tin flame larn to alive inward tree houses or resorts designed alongside a impact of ethnic indian villages, yet equipped alongside all modern facilities.

Step2: Choose the correct fourth dimension of travel

Goa has pleasant climate from Nov - February. This is too the peak season. You tin flame easily maintain out inward the Sun for long hours during this time. March - June becomes pretty hot together with the afternoon Sun is unbearable hence it mightiness non last idle to remain out for long. This is off peak season. You tin flame computer programme early on morn together with belatedly nighttime activities if you lot catch inward this flavor but 24-hour interval long outing or roaming on the streets may last to a greater extent than tiring together with uncomfortable. July - September is the monsoons season. If you lot bask the rains together with are non worried most getting wet, you lot tin flame convey some dainty experience of thunder together with clouds formation on the beach. Rain on the beach is a pretty site to behold. But if you lot experience pelting is a spoiler of your game, steer clear of this season. 

Step3: Book your hotel & Flights

Decide on your go dates together with mass a flight.There are enough of options inward Goa to stay. From inexpensive to luxury. Hotels, boutiques, resorts together with habitation stays - all along its huge coastline, you lot tin flame guide ane equally per your budget together with requirements. For instance, if traveling alongside a pocket-sized babe you lot mightiness require an equipped kitchen, or at the bare minimum a mini freeze together with electrical H2O heater. When traveling alone, or alongside friends, wherein most of your fourth dimension is going to last spent on the beach, habitation stays mightiness last a really pocket friendly together with comfortable option.

Step4: Get your documents inward place

Pretty much the criterion affair here. Keep your hotel booking info, tickets info, whatever additional printouts for information, your identity bill of fare together with if traveling from exterior india, your visa, passport together with their copies handy alongside you lot all through your travel. 

Step5: Form your itinerary, sample provided here:

Day1 : Your arrival inward Goa
Assuming you lot are traveling yesteryear a flying that reaches yesteryear the noon. Check-in into your hotel. Get fresh together with convey lunch. Post lunch, you lot tin flame caput to the beach together with bask the sunset together with other H2O activities beingness provided on the beach that you lot mightiness last interested in.
Day2 : One 24-hour interval site seeing inward Goa
If you lot are interested, you lot tin flame mass a cab or hire a 4 or a ii wheeler depending on your solid unit of measurement size, together with caput for a ane 24-hour interval site seeing inward Goa roofing most of the major attractions. During the tour, endeavour authentic native nutrient from roadside restaurants together with cafes or beach shacks.
You tin flame checkout this post for helping you lot computer programme a one 24-hour interval site seeing - similar I had experienced on my Goa trip.
Day3 : Leisure at your resort
After a total 24-hour interval excursion the previous day, you lot mightiness desire to relax together with unwind today. You tin flame pass a relaxing 24-hour interval inward the resort swimming puddle playing alongside your children. You tin flame equally good choke for a vey relaxing spa experience either at your resort premises or outside, brand an appointment a 24-hour interval inward advance together with caput for it today. There are many unlike spa options provided at most of the criterion resorts. We stayed inward resort terra paraiso together with resort Belezza during our final ii vacations hither together with enjoyed our remain at both the places.
Day4 : Sunbath & Beach shack
If you lot convey headed to Goa inward the correct flavor when the oestrus is repose bearable, you lot tin flame caput to the beach ane early on morn post breakfast at your resort. Pack your sunscreen, H2O bottle, sunglasses together with other criterion beach materials alongside you lot together with caput - off. Your resort mightiness convey its ain shacks on the beach or you lot tin flame rent ane easily for the whole day. Enjoy sunbathing, H2O sports, dejeuner at ane of the beach side places. Take a peaceful nap or read a book. Basically, bask a relaxing peaceful 24-hour interval at the beach.
Day5 : Flea marketplace Experience
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 catch to Goa mightiness non last consummate without ane of the flea marketplace visits - fifty-fifty if non for shopping together with hence only for the experience. So, I would strongly propose include ane inward your itinerary. There are unlike flea markets hosted on unlike days of the week, so, you lot tin flame computer programme for ane accordingly. Check this post out for to a greater extent than information. Arpora together with baga markets are nighttime markets hence they showtime belatedly inward the eve together with choke along good into the night. If you lot are visiting ane of these, you lot tin flame convey the 24-hour interval at leisure or computer programme another activity during the day.

Day6 : Panjim - Spices, Cashews together with Wine
Head to the uppercase metropolis of Panjim for collecting a flake of the famous Goa together with taking it off alongside you lot equally a gift for solid unit of measurement together with friends or for yourself. Goa is repose famous for cashews, they convey a especial gustation together with flavor that you lot won't discovery anywhere else. You tin flame enquire anyone for directions together with caput to the marketplace inward Panjim that has most of the wholesale cashew dealers. Buy some packets - salted or bird whichever you lot prefer. You tin flame too purchase famous goan vino together with Indian spices from markets inward Panjim at repose skillful rates. 
Day7:  Bye Bye Goa
This 24-hour interval beingness the final inward your calendar week long trip, create your packing today inward the morning. Make certain you lot are non leaving anything of import behind. Checkout from your hotel together with caput dorsum to the airdrome for your flying - carrying alongside you lot a lifelong retentivity of this trip.

Happy Journey!!

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