Bangalore's Signature Eatery Karavalli Turns 25 !!!

This calendar month The Gateway Hotels signature eating theater - Karavalli , turned 25 !! To celebrate the occasion , few bloggers were invited for a nutrient tasting sense of the 25 classic Karavalli dishes. I was thence happy to hold upward a business office of this special minute every bit Karavalli celebrates it 25th anniversary ....

This iconic eating theater is reputed for its authentic South Western Indian Coastal delicacies. Karavalli has, over the years, delighted gourmets, critics together with celebrities alike with the aromas together with flavors of home-food recipes from the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa together with Maharashtra. Synonymous with best-in-class nutrient together with service inward Bengaluru, Karavalli has likewise been voted alongside The S. Pellegrino World's Best Restaurants.

Me beingness from coastal Karnataka , was curious to gustation the dishes from my part together with was skeptical near the gustation . But when the nutrient did arrive, i was super impressed past times the authenticity of the cuisine they nailed. They tasted exact the agency our grannys used to brand which is a rare inward eating theater vogue cooking .Each dish offered a arrive at of flavours that never failed to surprise .

The chef Naren Thimmaiah was happy to hear this together with revealed the undercover that chef's were genuinely sent to the kitchens of traditional homes to larn the authentic recipes from the identify of origin.Even the spices , raw material,herbs etc are sourced from the native part to hold the authenticity . Many dish was cooked on forest burn downward to retain the master gustation together with mechanized stone grinders cause got been added to save the robust flavors of the kokosnoot rich masalas , which tin hold upward easily damaged past times the high rut of mixes . Hats off to the Chef !!

Ambiance : 
As you lot transcend through the huge wooden gates  , you lot are welcomed past times a lush light-green garden , tiny waterfall , rustic shades , cool breezy air . 

In the midst of this garden is a beautiful bungalow constructed inward the traditional architecture of coastal due south Bharat . 

You  have three seating arrangements to pick out from , inward the garden / indoor expanse with air-conditioning / indoor without air-conditioning . Whichever you lot pick out i am sure you lot would dearest the ambiance together with the grin staff volition brand it to a greater extent than better. 
My personal favorite was the gazebo inward the garden area.

As you lot topographic point inward your tabular array , showtime arrives a bowl filled with Jasmine H2O to make clean your paw together with unopen to other small-scale bowl having organic Jaggery to make clean your palate . This was thence unique ...

The nutrient is served on steel banana-leaf shaped plates covered with existent banana leaves (bale ele oota).

We started our elaborate dinner with few coastal nibbles together with cocktails to quaff inward between...

Karavalli Kariveppilai Sip
Virgin pinacolada
Karavalli Tender cocktail 
Tiger Prawns Roast - Fresh tiger prawns tossed inward Kerala spice mix 

Meen Eleittad - Marinated Black Pomfret , wrapped inward a banana leafage together with pan fried to perfection...

Koli Barthad - Coorgi vogue roasted chunks of chicken 

Kane Kaidina - Whole Lady fish cooked inward Manglorean style 

I was the exclusively vegetarian inward our grouping for the 24-hour interval . All my friends were enjoying feasting these delicacies . They loved them to the substance peculiarly Tiger prawns roast, meen eleittad together with kane kaidina . Though i didn't gustation whatsoever of them but these coastal specialties are the essence of Karavalli together with i had to arrive at a virtual process to all my non veg readers.  Hope you lot relish them every bit i did clicking them . They were served thence beautifully inward an antique traditional crockery .

Then came the veg nibbles . 
Oggaraneda Aritha Pundi -Steamed rice dumplings flavored with kokosnoot together with cumin together with afterward tossed inward spice powder.It made a lovely snack . The dumplings were soft together with had taken inward the flavors.

Pachakkai Varuthathu - Crisp fried raw banana, tossed inward a tangy kerala spice mix. It was crispy 

Pathrode - the famous South Karnataka dish was non novel to me . Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 spicy glue made upward of rice together with spices, are applied generously onto Colocasia leaves together with thence steam cooked to perfection. Later they are cutting into pieces together with lightle shallow fried to heighten the gustation . This was genuinely tasty together with tasted simply similar it was made inward my habitation . 

Seeing that i didn't acquire much starters inward veg , the chef specially ordered for me 
Gobi Kempu Bezule - a crispy mild spicy deep fried cauliflower . Byadgi chilli souced from Dharwad gives a traditional mild spiciness to this dish .

As nosotros were savoring the delicious starters, Chef Naren Thimmaiah narrated unopen to real interesting kitchen stories from his 25 years sense at Karavalli...  We were surprised to know that carte du jour of Karavalli was almost the same from past times 25 years together with yet the identify  is crowded ... authenticity is the hallmark..

For the primary course, it was 
Allapuzha Meen Curry - Seer fish, simmered inward a moderately spiced gravy of terra firma coconut, ginger together with raw mangoes...
Kozhi Malliperlan - Boneless pieces of chicken together with vegetables, inward tender gravy of kokosnoot milk together with fresh spices. 

Attirachy Ularthu - Lamb cubes ,cooked with onion ,tomato together with fresh spices from Travancore , Kerala 
Then came my favorite , 
Mavinakayi Mensukkai - a  spicy tangy sweetish mango curry . Karavalli gives the recipe courtesy of the dish to Havyaka community South Karnataka .The dish was thence perfect.. a lovely blend of the sugariness together with sour, i relished it with aapam ,idiyappam together with rice. 

Pachakkari Stew - seasonal vegetables gently simmered inward creamy kokosnoot milk...It was thence creamy with mild flavors together with perfect thickness .

Urullakkizhangu Roast - Baby potatoes roasted with onion ,tomato, chilli together with a blend of several spices...

The curries were served with a alternative of Malabar Paratha, Aapam, Idiappam or manifestly steamed rice 

 Live Aapam Making....

Egg Aappam together with manifestly aappam

To quaff betwixt our repast nosotros were served 1 of the best tasting hot together with spicy rasam . 

Last but non the to the lowest degree was dessert . We were served 

Bibinca - Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 goan multi layered cake dish served with vanilla H2O ice cream. I tasted it showtime fourth dimension . The mild flavor was tempting . 
Dodol: Rice cooked gently inward kokosnoot milk together with jaggery. The usage of organic jaggery had given the dish a distincy gustation together with flavor .
Elaneer payasam: Chillied tendercoconut pudding...
Banana together with caramel H2O ice cream - this was  surprisingly tasty . I was thence amount that i rejected it . But the chef insisted to gustation it together with i am thence happy i listened to him. 
Each dessert was thence unique ,  not overtly sugariness or overpowering — a overnice complete to a lovely repast ..

With groovy food, warm service, homely atmosphere together with a rustic d├ęcor, Karavalli is certainly worth a visit. I volition for sure recommend The Gateway Karavalli for your side past times side dining experience.Thank sec karavalli for having me over .

My rating : 4.8 / five . 
Cost for 2 : Rs 3500 ( approx ) 
Address : 
Gateway Hotel, 66,Residency Road, Bangalore
080 49652649

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