Things To do in India: How To Register For Amarnath Yatra

How to teach Registration for Amarnath Yatra 2014

Amarnath Yatra is before long going to outset on 28th June for the twelvemonth 2014. If y'all even then get got non registered yourself for this Sri Amarnathji Yatra, follow these steps to teach enrolled as well as teach the chance to catch the sacred pilgrim center.

For other tips catch hither for how to innovation Amarnath Yatra.

How to teach Registration for Amarnath Yatra  Things to create inwards India: How to Register for Amarnath Yatra
Sri Amarnathji Yatra requires y'all to teach registered earlier task the pilgrimage
  • Download Form & Certificate: Log on to the official website of Shri Amarnath ji Shrine Board as well as download the registration form. Fill the impress out cast alongside the details required. Also download as well as impress the Compulsory Health Certificate. 
  • Health Certificate: To position the place of the Authorized Doctor as well as Institutions to upshot the Compulsory Health Certificate, y'all may catch the official website of Shri Amarnath ji Shrine Board. For the Amarnath Yatra’13, Health Certificate from an authorized Doctor or establishment is made obligatory according to the guidelines of SASB.
  • Registration Counter: Your cast volition entirely last considered for registration if submitted at the Designated Yatra Registration Counters. There are close 422 Yatra Registration counters to collect the cast for Amarnath Yatra’13.
  • Submit Form & Certificate: After obtaining the compulsory wellness certificate, submit it at selected branches of PNB, J&K Bank, Yes Bank, HDFC, as well as SBI banks, together alongside your duly filled registration form. Do non forget to attest your passport sized photograph on the Amarnath Yatra Registration Form.
  • Registration Fee: Along alongside the registration cast as well as compulsory wellness certificate, y'all require to pay a really nominal charge.
  • Yatra Permit: After verification of the registration cast as well as the compulsory wellness certificate, the officeholder volition upshot Yatra Permit for you. Do non forget to accept the Yatra Permit along during the Yatra to the Amarnath.

Procuring registration forms as well as medical certificates is tardily as well as may fifty-fifty help y'all alongside the paperwork, if necessary. These steps volition help y'all to teach the registration done good inwards fourth dimension as well as last a percentage of grand Amarnath Yatra this season.


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