IndiabesttravelMap; A Misty Flush on Coorg

By Priyanka Das

Anybody who has lived inwards Bangalore knows the tale of this fabled lilliputian settlement inwards Kodagu district. Coorg has lured unsuspecting travellers into its abyss for decades. With an impressive listing of must-see tourist attractions, Coorg does come upwards around equally the Scotland of India. The Talakaveri, Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Iruppu falls are merely to mention a few. So it should come upwards equally no surprise to anyone that a bunch of overworked ITians had real high expectations from this lilliputian town when nosotros embarked on the happy-go-lucky trip from Bangalore on i fine Friday.

We were gravely mistaken.

Turns out, Coorg was no shy initiative that day. She was inwards no mood of existence courted. She had no wish of existence the cold, foggy princess that day. She smelted inwards the summertime heat, breathing fire, its relentless battering as well as beating downward he pitiful travellers who were unprepared for this indifference. There was non a unmarried cloud inwards the sky, non a unmarried moving ridge of mutual depression temperature air relieving us from the hot summertime day. Needless to say the impatient vi that nosotros were, nosotros decided to cutting the whole adventurous city-trotting facade past times one-half as well as run for shelter earlier Coorg’s ire broke our real stance.

After what seemed similar an exaggerated eternity, nosotros hold upwards breathed deeply equally our machine went off route on a dirt path leading into a wooded earthy wood which tin merely live described equally magical. The machine bobbled upwards the route equally the playful sun’s ray meticulously tried to uncovering their agency around the labyrinth of lime light-green leaves, splattering ruthlessly over the olive grass blades that stood inwards attending watching the foreign procession passing them on the rickety road.

After almost a fifteen mo drive, nosotros reached our homestay.  To say that the identify came equally a mild surprise to us would live a serious understatement. The homestay or to give it its rightful place, resort, was located on a spawning swathe of land, encompassed solely past times manicured lawn as well as peppered amongst numerous flowering trees. The guesthouses were tiny log as well as thatch cottages that dotted the elaborate landscape straightaway trapping i into a fairy tale where i almost sure expects a talking rabbit to saltation out of the many shrubby floral bushes.  But, the most hitting characteristic of this landscape is the enormous lake. At kickoff our heed wouldn’t believe that a lake of this magnitude tin peradventure live hidden inwards this enchanted forest; maybe it was the play a joke on of the sun? But it was there. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 hole-and-corner covertly held past times the gentle slopping hills as well as cascading trees. As nosotros caught our breath, the gentle waves of the enormous lake lapped on the shore reflecting the numerous shades of orangish that the setting Sun was throwing its way. We didn’t know how long nosotros stood there, exterior of the cabins trying to go past times along upwards amongst the changing hues of water, but the orangish orb of Sun had grown dimmer as well as a ethereal mist had engulfed us. My eyes scanned the shimmering H2O coming to balance on a wayward aeroplane which was lazily picking on grains of public on the expansive roots of a nearby tree. 

 That nighttime equally I lay beneath the pewter heaven gazing at the dancing stars, their shimmer reflected on my face, taking shape of a smile; a smiling that I carried amongst me all the agency dorsum to Bangalore.


Author Bio: After working inwards the software manufacture for 4 years, Priyanka has quit to commit total fourth dimension to her one-time fling of writing. She is passionate almost offbeat traveling, nutrient for soul, coming together novel people as well as sharing their stories, recycling, as well as yoga. You tin follow her stories on Instagram , Facebook , Blog


Has a identify taken you lot past times surprise on your travels? Or discovered a hidden jewel no i knows about? Please part amongst us!



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