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By Priya Goswami

Once called the Switzerland of Republic of Republic of India Travel for its beauty in addition to wealth, Garli is similar a shot a notified heritage hamlet tucked inwards the Kangra valley. H5N1 treasure of architectural marvels-Kangra, Colonial, Portugese, Rajput in addition to Islamic, it is a beautiful mix of all these influences.

The lanes of Garli
This hamlet was laid past times the Soods, an enterprising merchant community, inwards the early on 19th century. Way ahead of their times inwards planning, they built their ain houses in addition to brought their ain craftsmen in addition to servicemen alongside them, including the cobblers, barbers, carpenters, etc. They too established the schools, hospitals, sarais, roads in addition to the waterworks making Garli the epicenter of Punjab’s economic science in addition to politics past times the 1920s. It is said that the location of hamlet was too carefully chosen to have proficient astral influence equally the three shakti temples are too locatenearby-Chintpurni, Jwalamukhi in addition to Brajeshwari (Kangra). 

Market of Garli
Garli is believed to convey plenty European influence in addition to is too credited to its proximity to the summertime upper-case missive of the alphabet (Shimla) of the British Raj dorsum then. It was inwards the belatedly 1950s that the hamlet was completely abandoned, in addition to when visited today, 1 tin nevertheless encounter many buildings in addition to mansions lying inwards distressed state. Some are equally one-time equally 200-300 years but verbalise of the village’s wealth dorsum inwards those days. And this is evident inwards the grandeur of these structures made of exquisite wood, expensive balconies in addition to intricate wall work. Garli has a small-scale marketplace for grocery, bakery, bangles, shoes in addition to tailor shops. The hamlet has a small taal as well.

The Abandoned House
Local Attractions

For Heritage enthusiasts-

The buildings in addition to mansions all convey a story. You tin goal anytime in addition to taste the architecture of these grand houses such equally Bishnu Niwas, Bhagwan Niwas, the ‘Hidden House’, the ‘Mystery House’, in addition to so on.
The Chateau Garli - H5N1 restored building

Hub of Temples-
Apart from the three shakti peeth- Chintpurni, Jwalamukhi, Brajeshwari (Kangra), 1 tin too explore heritage temples inside a radius of 50-60 kms similar the Dada Siba Temple in addition to Masroor Rock cutting Temple. The Dada Siba is too called the temple of Radhe Karishna in addition to is revered for its mural paintings all across, which convey been restored in addition to delicately coloured. The stone cutting masroor temple is the alone monolithic stone construction inwards northern Republic of Republic of India Travel in addition to said that to convey been made past times the Pandavas inwards only 1 dark during their "incognito"exile. 

For Nature Lovers
Just xx mins away from the Garli primary marketplace is the Chamba Pattan Bridge over Beas where close of the people tread to taste the sunset. Another nature lover's please is the wetlands of pong lake, an hr in addition to a one-half have from Garli,  is a seasonal habitat in addition to stopover for migratory birds that endure inwards Republic of Republic of India Travel from Central Asia. It is too 1 of the 25 international wetland sites declared inwards Republic of Republic of India Travel past times the Ramsar Convention. Needless to say, it’s a photographer’s dream destination equally well.
Pong Dam Wetlands

Food & Stay
If you lot similar to abide by the local flavours, you lot cannot girlfriend the malai barf sold past times Mr. Satpal Sharma. His forefathers convey been selling this since 1890. On a leafage plate for mere Rs. 30/, it is made of milk, khoya, cheeni, in addition to badam. Other local delights included Mandra (kidney beans inwards gravy of kaju & kishmish), Chana Daal alongside amchoor, Mhani (black chana, jaggerry & amchoor), Maa ki dal, Mittha (made alongside urad dal).

Famous Malai Barf of Garli
The Chateau Garli-a 95 yr one-time heritage boutique hotel inwards Garli has all the modern amenities you lot tin inquire for. 
 Naurang Yatri Niwas-also known equally Naurang Sarai in addition to  The Judge’s Court-a 300 yr one-time heritage property built in a province manor trend inwards Pragpur are a few options for 1 to stay.

A Local Bakery Shop

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