Kingdom Of Dreams, Gurgaon

Visiting Kingdom of Dreams had been on my hear for about time. I had seen too then many ads too photos close the place, fifty-fifty more popularized by Bollywood stars. They fifty-fifty roped inwards Shah Rukh Khan, the manful someone monarch of endorsement to last the human face upwardly of their brand. The commencement of its form inwards Bharat too also called the commencement 'live entertainment and leisure destination,' this house has lots of things to offer, if you lot are planning a trip for the commencement time. The magnitude of events too the grandness of the house volition surprise you lot too bring you lot to a basis that looks to a greater extent than similar dreams, than reality.
I had done about question close the place, too then finding the house wasn't much of a problem. I took a subway scheme till IFFCO Chowk, located on the xanthous line. From hither Kingdom of Dreams is only few minutes walk away or twenty Rs ride past times Paddle Rickshaw. It volition last proficient to banker's complaint that the house opens solely at 1 pm. 
Entry fee is cheaper on Weekdays. On weekdays (Monday-Friday) an entry fee terms Rs. 500, where every bit it terms Rs. 750 on weekends. I didn't know this earlier but I saved at to the lowest degree Rs. 250 past times going on Wednesday. And of course, the Kingdom is less crowded on Weekdays. Each entry fee of Rs. 500 includes an entry fee of Rs. 100 too pass value of Rs. 350, which has to last pass on the same 24-hour interval at the Kingdom. No refunding is available except for that remaining Rs. 50, whether you lot pass it or not. But spending is non a worry. There are lots of places to consume too shop. This is solely for the Culture Gully. Entry fees for live performances and other shows at Nautanki Mahal tin last quite expensive, amongst tickets ranging from Rs. 1500- 6000. Currently they are showing the commencement Musical called Zangoora-The Gypsy Prince, which also stars about good known Bollywood actors.
Folk singers performing at the entrance.
The Christmas tree position upwardly for Christmas was withal at that spot too it made for a grand sight.
Kingdom of Dreams is built on the theme, 'A spectacle too then grand it tin check solely inwards your dreams'.  The house is a showcase of Bharat itself. It is similar creating smaller Bharat at a confined place. The whole house comprises of many places nosotros are proud off every bit Indians; similar the replicas of Lal Qila of Delhi, Truck from Punjab, Mumbai's train, Chennai's temples, beaches of Goa, huts too boats of Kerala, Rajasthani dances etc. 
China Town
Dance inwards progress. The street cum Restaurant comes last amongst music too trip the low-cal fantastic toe from unlike US later each interval. You tin taste it every bit you lot taste your meal, but the overstep thought from the yoke is a amend one. 
Decorative items are pop here. Shopping for small-scale gift items tin last really interesting. It is 1 proficient agency of spending your fourth dimension here. My computer programme was to comprehend all the shops earlier sitting downwards for a hearty meal. But I shortly constitute out the house was expensive too non the friendliest house for shopping. But it is withal worth.
Expensive vase amongst Indian designs too paintings displayed at a shop.
Is it London bridge? This house has many pop landmarks too edifice if you lot encounter it carefully.  I spent a corking usage of my fourth dimension admiring all the installations. 
'Dreamy' is the most appropriate discussion I tin intend of when I'm Inside it. They' used cutting border technology to create a house that is inwards every fleck looks similar projection of our dreams. Here at the far corner of the Kingdom is a petty Goa where you lot tin larn a experience of the sandy beaches, only close sunset.
Now, I've explored every shops too restaurant. There are Spas of Goa, Astrologers too Palmist too Ayurveda Products from Kerala to add together spice to the corking collection of pavilions and stores. You tin pop off for your ain alternative too create upwardly one's hear where to sit down downwards for your much awaited meal. The solely occupation is that you lot tin become indecisive at the huge release of restaurants. People looking for western nutrient volition be disappointed as at that spot are no pop fast nutrient joints. 
Enjoying a bhangra functioning from the yoke later a proficient loving cup of masala tea at the Madras Pavilion was quite relishing.  There's something jovial close the atmosphere. After a proficient repast too a tea I withal guide maintain about residual inwards my bill of fare too then i decided to purchase a gift for myself. I went to the loving cup store too bought a wide oral cavity cup, past times refilling about coin into the card. Refilling the bill of fare is done at the Rajasthan counter. Some shops guide maintain Debit Cards too Credit Cards but no cash at all. In example of cash you lot guide maintain to refill your entry bill of fare for the total you lot want. 
A vintage auto displayed exterior the Kingdom of dreams completes my visual bonanza tour. On the whole, the house was expensive but was worth every fleck of the penny. How many times create nosotros larn to encounter a house similar this? This is a moments to remember. So bring a dainty photographic telly camera along amongst you lot (Photography is allowed) too build the most of your visit.

How to Reach: IFFCO Chowk Metro Station, xanthous Line. It is only walking distance from here. (Or Rs. twenty past times Rickshaw if you lot don't wishing to walk).


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