Arpora Flea Marketplace Set Inward Goa, India

This fourth dimension some I happened to live inward Goa some a weekend, amongst an as enthusiastic (read shopaholic) friend. So, nosotros decided to striking the infamous Arpora flea market.
This marketplace was real close to calangute beach, on the calangute-anjuna road. It has a real expert area in addition to numerous stalls selling all dissimilar variety of products that would attract tourist attention, peculiarly unusual tourists wherein they would live looking for souvenirs or famous products from Bharat to cause got dorsum home. But apart from the buzzing shops, in that location was to a greater extent than to the marketplace - something for fifty-fifty the non-shopaholics . There were artists in addition to musicians, playing alive in addition to numerous people applauding. The environs was in addition to then charged toddler couldn't assistance swing to the beats as nosotros stopped yesteryear :) Then came the nutrient stalls - in 1 trial to a greater extent than a publish of them good organized inward 1 department of the flea marketplace offering everything from goan delicacies , to southward indian delights to Italian pizzas in addition to other subcontinental oral fissure watering food.
The marketplace starts from 6:30 inward the flush in addition to goes on good into the night. The stalls are upward in addition to running till iii or iv am inward the morning. But you lot must cause got a expert bargaining science to instruct a expert deal here. However, what would live the Definition of a "good deal" when there's no halt to bargaining. Well, inward my opinion, in 1 trial you lot shape a cost of the production inward your heed looking at its worth in addition to you lot are able to instruct it into that cost make - you lot tin happily telephone cry upward it a bully deal. So nosotros did. Just to hand you lot an idea, nosotros liked a bag. The cost quoted yesteryear the shopkeeper was INR 550 , nosotros quoted INR 250 in addition to live on the deal was done at INR 300 :)
Overall, I would tell the marketplace is a must catch at to the lowest degree in 1 trial when you lot are inward Goa. The whole street marketplace shopping, including the bargaining, the food, the performances...everything in that location was an enticing experience.

Here's a glimpse of the colorful pictures you lot tin run into when you lot search for arpora flea market, to hand you lot an thought of the vibrancy in addition to liveliness of the atmosphere in that location :

Items that were on sale inward the Arpora flea market:
  • Small wooden furnitures
  • Different variety of souvenirs - primal chains, demo pieces (wooden/shell/marble/metal), wall hangings
  • Jewelry (shell, stones, oxidized silver, wood, metal)
  • Woolen/Silk/Cotton stoles
  • T-shirts, beachwear in addition to other garments suitable to Goan climate
  • Goan spices in addition to dry out fruits
  • Bags, purses, backpacks (leather, cotton, jute, synthetic leather)
  • Paintings
  • Flipflops in addition to other human foot wear
  • And many other things...please add together if I am missing anything major

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